WOO!!!  We have made Fantasy Baseball great again, and we’ve made this website great again!  The cancer that was Tris has been excised, and we are in full remission.  It’s going to be fabulous!  After a few bad trades, andRead More
Hello. It’s Nathan here to talk about trades again. So obviously, this isn’t only a week or two after the last rendition, but hey, grad school keeps you busy. But that’s enough of real life, let’s get into the dynastyRead More
There is a new closer in the City of Angels and a new SP in the City of Stars. All that and more on this weeks Waiver wire adds!Read More
April 28, 2017

Crossing The Line With FSAA

Snaketrain Comments are off
Fantasy Sports Addicts Anonymous discuss the penalties for habitually stepping over the line and ignoring social norms on our website, twitter feed, and league chats.Read More
Fantasy Sports Addicts Anonymous discuss the spate of injuries early in the 2017 Fantasy Baseball season, MLB’s new DL Rules, and promising early returns; joined by Andrew from FantasyAid.Read More