Penguin Rape

Bad Fantasy League Commissioning Part 1: Tales From The Tris


This is the chat transcript mentioned in the Bad Fantasy League Commissioning Part 1 video on YouTube:

I know you are kidding but oNLY Satan isn’t gonna work .lol. Please change team name to a location and a mascot. You can be the ‘Zona Demons if you want to keep the satanic moniker in a born again christian’s league (lol) but all the teams are formatted this way. 😉

  1. FantasySportsAddicts

    well, hell is a place…can I be Hell’s oNLy Satan? you have to admit that is a pretty awesome team name for an NL league in keeping with my own traditions!

  2. FantasySportsAddicts

    As far as I know, btw, I didn’t know Andy was in the league!

  3. Tris

    you are a card. No. if you don’t mind keep it to earth please. 😉

  4. FantasySportsAddicts

    How about the Hell’s Satans then?

  5. FantasySportsAddicts

    simpsons reference at that point

  6. Tris

    we do have a glasgow team. it doesn’t have to be Arizona or Phoenix. It can be a place you like. I chose DC but I could have picked Boston. Didn’t pick Richmond. I have Richmond teams elsewhere.

  7. FantasySportsAddicts

    it was the biker gang ned flanders joined lol

  8. Tris

    earth please….

  9. FantasySportsAddicts

    Alright, give me some time to do drugs and consume alcohol, I’m sure I can come up with something else

  10. Tris

    a city or state. or like New England or Tampa Bay or something (btw the rays, bucs are the only team not named for a region, state or city. the actually name of the city is Tampa, not Tampa Bay)

  11. Tris

    i guess Golden State is a variation. You could be the Sun State Devils if you want. lol

  12. FantasySportsAddicts

    Cártel de Sinaloa?

  13. FantasySportsAddicts

    I’d be named after a drug cartel, but that has its own appeal!

  14. FantasySportsAddicts

    i wanted to work in the NL aspect. I’ll keep trying

  15. Tris

    I don’t mind you showing your personality but no that isn’t gonna work. Behave, Tom. You see and know how to do it. It has been amusing tho.

  16. FantasySportsAddicts

    Ohio’s oNLy Satan?

  17. Tris


  18. FantasySportsAddicts

    is it so bad to be fantasy satan? i’m not really satan

  19. Tris

    have you transfered team to

  20. FantasySportsAddicts

    well, i could be the devil i suppose

  21. FantasySportsAddicts

    yeah i sent that

  22. Tris

    you can keep the logo as is. in fact it would suit a Devils mascot. Just pick a city. its just a thing in this league. the other leagues it can be anything.

  23. FantasySportsAddicts

    could i be the Jersey Devil? it’s a cryptozoological creature

  24. Tris

    that was an existing team in hockey. don’t allude to New Jersey

  25. Tris

    this is getting tedious. i have other junk to do. just be the Phoenix Devils or something and let it go. Don’t forget to have fun.

  26. Tris

    im glad you are excited tho

  27. FantasySportsAddicts

    I wanna have some fun with this, why is it tedious? why is there even some prescribed format for naming a team?!

  28. Tris

    have fun then. i have to do some stuff.

  29. Tris

    the format happened organically and we just went with it. it has been that way since.

  30. FantasySportsAddicts

    I’ll keep trying to incorporate something NL, if you object, just tell me

  31. Tris

    ever since we expanded that didn’t happen organically so it isn’t a thing. in this league it is a thing a

  32. Tris

    Tom, wtf? Its not complicated. City + mascot. Why are you making a big deal about it. It is just the team name.

  33. FantasySportsAddicts

    but that’s important, i’ve always prided myself on good team names!

  34. FantasySportsAddicts

    i thought oNLy Satan was like super clever. like I said, i’ll think of something.

  35. FantasySportsAddicts

    can it be a fictional city, like springfield, or south park or something?

  36. FantasySportsAddicts

    could i be like the hoboken zephyrs or something from twilight zone?

  37. Tris

    Tom, you’re high. Congratulations but Im done talking about this.

  38. Tris

    Hoboken Zephyers is fine

  39. Tris

    South Park Cows is fine.

  40. Tris

    btw, here is the team i moved for YOUR league so it would be on my main account. Pretty cool, right? Only Victory!

  41. FantasySportsAddicts

    I think I have one you might like!

  42. FantasySportsAddicts

    i like it!

  43. Tris

    its a keeper league from a guy in one of my NBA leagues

  44. Tris

    im the new guy

  45. FantasySportsAddicts

    rock it

  46. FantasySportsAddicts

    barge in loud!

  47. Tris

    when your name is to code ill announce you as a new member

  48. FantasySportsAddicts

    Roger Wilco!

  49. FantasySportsAddicts

    Can I be “The Russian Collusion”?

  50. FantasySportsAddicts

    one of several ideas…

  51. FantasySportsAddicts

    My family has a cattle ranch in fishtail montana, could i be “Fishtail Area Rapid Transit”?

  52. Tris

    if it is special to you the last one is ok. sounds kinda hokie really but im concerned with format not taste

  53. Tris

    and frankly ive never had to be this concerned before. I find this struggle of yours most informative.

  54. Tris

    i don’t get why you can’t be the Arizona Devils and just move on with your life. It is really confounding to me. This isn’t important. Its just a format the league has used.

  55. FantasySportsAddicts

    this doesn’t feel very organic, i wan’t my team name to represent me!

  56. Tris

    it it isn’t going to work let me know. i will find another manager. it isn’t a big deal

  57. Tris

    i offered this to you as a thank you for the FSAA league. I never thought this would be an issue.

  58. Tris

    maybe you would prefer to be in any of the other DOB leagues that don’t have a name format.

  59. Tris

    I have limited openings in other leagues and lots in the draft mixed league because they is going to be brand new. None of them have name formats

  60. Tris

    That, not this

  61. FantasySportsAddicts

    no, i just want it to be good, i want it to represent me, you can appreciate that, right?

  62. FantasySportsAddicts

    i like a little creativity. i was all excited about my team name, a lot of thought went into that

  63. FantasySportsAddicts
  64. FantasySportsAddicts


  65. FantasySportsAddicts

    here it is

  66. FantasySportsAddicts

    Arizona Atheists Anonymous

  67. Tris

    that is good?

  68. Tris

    mmk. lol. its code im not going to worry about the rest.

  69. FantasySportsAddicts

    OK double check me real quick

  70. Tris


  71. Tris

    why don’t you pick one or the other. AZ Atheists is fine or AZ Anonymous. just btw, no one is going to proselytize to you in this league. its just fantasy baseball. not a christian outreach.

  72. FantasySportsAddicts

    Arizonatheists Anonymous?

  73. Tris

    ok. you are fucking with me. i get it. i’m going to go over here.

  74. FantasySportsAddicts

    no, that was actually a serious attempt at compromise!

  75. Tris

  76. FantasySportsAddicts

    isn’t politics the art of compromise? im trying to meet you in the middle here!

  77. FantasySportsAddicts

    is it fine as is, or not?

  78. Tris

    DOB is a friendly place but it isn’t a democracy

  79. Tris

    it is entirely understandable but you are a commissioner, not an owner. I wanted it to be a good fit but it isn’t.

  80. FantasySportsAddicts

    you just said the team name was okay!

  81. FantasySportsAddicts

    are serious with this? why would you fucking waste my time asking me to join a league you’re just going to kick me out of?! i thought you had turned a corner, but this takes amateur hour to a new corner, jesus christ dude!

  82. FantasySportsAddicts

    fuckin ridiculous

  83. FantasySportsAddicts

    good luck with the league

  84. Tris

    if you look at the time stamp there was 10 minutes where i was thinking about how this convo projected on the league. Tom, you need to understand something. This league is the genius of the DOB franchise. I can not risk it being fucked by a willful owner. I thought about it and figured it would be better to add you to the new draft mixed league or another DOB league. It isn’t a flaw. You are a leader, not a follower. But, you don’t take directly well. I recognized that and insulated my league. that is all. I dont love you any less but the NL league isnt a good fit.

  85. Tris

    not directly, direction is what i meant

  86. FantasySportsAddicts

    what the fuck are you even talking about? i thought this was a normal league with normal people? you want a league full of sycophants? okay…enjoy that. it’s not my thing!

  87. FantasySportsAddicts

    i am in way more important leagues than this, including my own

  88. Tris

    no sweat. cheers.

  89. FantasySportsAddicts

    you have completely wasted my time once again

  90. Tris

    you are very important.

  91. FantasySportsAddicts

    dude, yes. yahoo is a fucking sinking ship, i’m in leagues with guys way bigger than behrens at this point, we all are. big fuckin deal, behrens is in your league, bow down and suck him off i guess. jesus christ!

  92. Tris

    Tom, we had a two hour conversation about getting your team name straight. this should have lasted 2 minutes if it was a convo at all. It really isn’t that big a deal. there are other DOB leagues.

  93. FantasySportsAddicts

    i won’t be in those, clearly! i don’t just need spare leagues

  94. FantasySportsAddicts

    while we’re talking team names, realize you are the commissioner of the league that has restrictions on a team name…what the fuck is that even?

  95. Tris

    there is normally a creep process of people in the community trying to get to the NL league. It is sort of the inner sactum. I rushed you to the top and and didn’t work bc of (of all things) team name. My best owners are in this junk. i gave you benefit of doubt and then it didn’t work out. Let me know if you want to try the DOB Mixed Draft league. You are invited.

  96. FantasySportsAddicts

    you’re the one with the issues about team names and non-essential esoteric bureaucratic nonsense! not me! i was ready to rock some NL only. you’re out of control!

  97. Tris

    Tom, you are drunk. Sober up and talk to me in the morning. Tah.

  98. FantasySportsAddicts

    i’m not working my way up your little social ladder, that’s fucking absurd. you want a great league, you bring in great managers. end of fucking story. this amateur hour!

  99. FantasySportsAddicts

    i’m actually not, thanks you judgmental fuck! you don’t know a single thing you’re talking about. and that’s priceless coming from you by the way. you’re a self-described born again christian, isn’t there something about casting the first stone? oops forgot that conveniently!

  100. Tris

    Tom, I love you, but you are amateur hour. You handled yourself badly. It happens. God knows it has happened to me. But, Im not trying to let that ego of yours run loose on my most important league. I gave you the benefit of doubt and you fucked it up. It isn’t the end of the world but this is MY SHIT. Im not trying to fuck my shit.

  101. FantasySportsAddicts

    how is it that every time anyone just wants to play some fantasy, we end up with some wildly unstable and unhinged tales from the tris?

  102. FantasySportsAddicts

    your shit is fine

  103. FantasySportsAddicts

    you’re like worried about team names conforming to some asinine standard instead of filling your league with the best managers possible. thats all i need to know about the quality of the league

  104. Tris

    no one is more disappointed than me. you will remember i contacted you because i want you to be part. do you remember that? I wanted you to work and fit. You didn’t. it isn’t important.

  105. FantasySportsAddicts

    what are you doing trying to cram a square peg in your round hole for then?! lol jFC! all i wanted to do was rock and roll some NL action. been like 8 years since ive done NL/AL! i’m pissed that you wasted my fucking time tonight with fascist fucking bullshit!

  106. Tris

    you are right. team names arent very important. but your rebellious nature regarding the most basic thing was a big poker tell of what could be expected in the season. I was like, if getting dude to chose a team name is this much of a chore what is he going to be like as an owner in the league? Thats why i just sacked it. This shouldn’t have been a tenth of the deal it was and i didn’t want to deal with that all year.

  107. Tris

    Please sober up. Maybe junk will look different in the morning.

  108. FantasySportsAddicts

    just send another invite and name my team whatever the fuck you want it to be, and stfu about that shit. i crack one joke and you’re all fucking high and mighty without a god damn clue in the fucking world

  109. FantasySportsAddicts

    fuck you for that btw

  110. FantasySportsAddicts

    how was i to know i was signing up for conformity camp? you conveniently left THAT PART out, jackass!

  111. Tris

    Tom, I love you. genuinely. but you need to go to sleep

  112. FantasySportsAddicts

    what are you, like my mother? the women’s temperance movement? what the fuck business is it of yours when i go to sleep or how much sleep i need?

  113. FantasySportsAddicts

    can you tie my shoes for me? maybe wipe my ass mommy?

  114. FantasySportsAddicts


  115. FantasySportsAddicts

    you are clearly unhinged, and deranged to talk to someone you know nothing about in that manner! and forget the self-righteous hypocritical bullshit aspect. this is why people can’t get along with you! you assign labels to people and generalize the shit out of individuals you know nothing about…what kind of conservative are you even with that? that’s bogus!

  116. Tris

    you are right. you are a grown man and idc when you go to sleep. i just don’t want this conversation anymore. it is settled. Cheers.

  117. FantasySportsAddicts

    fuck your cheers and fuck you! stop wasting fsaa time with your insecurity and instability.

  118. Tris

    Tom, you are investing an inordinate amount of energy in a league you joined 2 hours ago. ask, why do you care. your ego can’t be that important to you. Im happy for you to be part of DOB leagues. Just, this didn’t work out. It really isn’t a big deal.

  119. FantasySportsAddicts

    It was an annoying waste of my time. You clearly don’t understand why that is especially frustrating given your track record of volatility and instability. You resorted to making generalizations and personal attacks. It seems more like “This didn’t work out” because of your “ego” and because of your need to micromanage and control the most mundane aspect of the league possible! You’re more concerned about the minutiae than the overall quality of the league!

  120. FantasySportsAddicts
  121. Tris

    I love you, Tom. Things are coming along on my end but let me know if you would like to be part of DOB leagues we have forming. We are addition a draft mixed league and a h2h mixed league to existing leagues. Don’t forget to have fun.

  122. Tris

    adding, typo, not addition

  123. FantasySportsAddicts

    the only league i had interest in was NL oNLy…

  124. Tris


  125. Tris

    that is full now

  126. FantasySportsAddicts

    this is full blown tales from the tris material, it’s a gift that just keeps giving…

  127. Tris

    i really don’t how how to say this. I know you will make some pod that misrepresents it. however, i took a leap of faith with you. there is this think you notice with owners where they are used to being commissioner. it is hard for some of them to be an owner because they are used to calling the shots. what they tend to do that distinguishes them is to try to fit the league to them instead of fitting themselves to the league. As commish i have to be on look out for that. It isn’t personal. I love you. but, of all people, Andy Behrens got this and there were no flags. he just made his little team and is chill. I really, really wanted you to be part of this but there was a two hour argument over something as mundane as team name. This isn’t something of my design. It is a thing the league did in an of itself. However, I am not going to fit your will around the league. Im going to fit the league around those in it. I am not being effusive when I say this. I love you as if you were a brother, but it wasn’t a good fit and I moved to a new owner. Thats all it was. I want you to be part of anything you want to be part of and fit. Cheers. Have a SanTan on me.

  128. FantasySportsAddicts

    HA! just like every other common motherfucker, you’ve gotta try to get in a cheap shot on your way out the door! you wanna talk about fragile ego, look in the fucking mirror pal! anyone with self-esteem, possessing any sense of grace, poise, or socially acceptable behavior would avoid such a basic and pathetically uninformed personal attack. call this what it is, you overreacted to the fact that someone bristled at your absurd, and previously unstated team naming demands. there was no two hour “argument”, you buffoon! i asked for time to craft a new team name, you approved several names, then removed me from your league because apparently you prefer conformity to competition! what you want is a league of sycophants to feed your self-aggrandizing ego. I play in leagues full of nothing but other commissioners – no problems. maybe the issues you have been experiencing in various fantasy leagues have another commonality…you. this “be sure to have fun” bullshit is laughable, you consistently seem make fantasy sports the exact opposite of fun somehow!

  129. Tris

    there was no personal attack and you sound like an unhinged person.

  130. FantasySportsAddicts

    how many people join my leagues and are removed in fewer than two hours over their team name?

  131. Tris

    you haven’t listened. that is not my deal

  132. Tris

    the core of the league did that and we decided it would be a marker of the league. my job is to represent the will of the league.

  133. FantasySportsAddicts


  134. Tris

    Tom, just let this go. it isn’t important. your team name was waaaaaaay more important to other adds. I tole Andy this and there wasn’t even a conversation. He just changed his team name. With you i mitigated a 2 hour conversation about it and still that wasn’t enough. Im done. Its a thing within the league. Get over it.

  135. FantasySportsAddicts

    fuck off with your strawman shit

  136. Tris

    no you fuck off. i have tolerated your being ridiculous and tried to show measure. there is no way to talk like and adult to you.

  137. FantasySportsAddicts

    who throws tantrums? you.

  138. FantasySportsAddicts

    who is so volatile they quit, rejoin, quit again, rinse repeat, over and over…you

  139. FantasySportsAddicts

    who commissions their leagues that way? you

  140. FantasySportsAddicts

    who is always at the center of drama? you

  141. FantasySportsAddicts

    no one is being ridiculous…except? you!

  142. FantasySportsAddicts

    what ridiculous thing did i do, other than join your stupid league?

  143. FantasySportsAddicts

    who stooped to the lowest common denominator by making uninformed personal attacks? you

  144. Tris

    Tom, I have not been any kind of ridiculous. I tried like gangbusters over two hours and you met the end of my patience with something that shouldn’t have mattered to you. Now we are full with those are are happy to be here and who aren’t tweaked by something as mundane as team name format. seriously, think about that. you fucked up a chance to compete with andy behrens over your team name, which was just a formality of the league. who gives a shit. made a team name and do it. no. you have to push it and i didn’t want to deal because i knew i would be dealing with drama from you all season. this was not an invitation for you to become commissioner of my leagues but to play in my leagues. i hope you don’t treat the invitational tourney the same way. When i am in your shit i act like it is your shit. when you are in my shit you will act like you are in my shit.

  145. Tris

    Tom, I have not been any kind of ridiculous. I tried like gangbusters over two hours and you met the end of my patience with something that shouldn’t have mattered to you at all. Now we are full with those who are happy to be here and who aren’t tweaked by something as mundane as team name format. seriously, think about that. you fucked up a chance to compete with andy behrens over your team name, which was just a formality of the league. who gives a shit. make a team name and go do it. no. you have to push it and i didn’t want to deal because i knew i would be dealing with drama from you all season. this was not an invitation for you to become commissioner of my leagues but to play in my leagues. i hope you don’t treat the invitational tourney this same way. When i am in your shit i act like it is your shit. when you are in my shit you will act like you are in my shit. That isn’t paranoia or control. It is just manners.

  146. FantasySportsAddicts

    BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Your “shit” is right! You made people write essays about why they play fantasy basketball. You’re fucking deranged. If the team name is so “mundane” why does it matter so much what the fuck my team is named?

  147. Tris

    it matters to the league. i have said this over and over

  148. Tris

    you are going to look like an intolerant stubborn douchebag if you pod about this. that is even if you lie. you were invited to a league and even the first thing about it you didn’t want to do.

  149. FantasySportsAddicts

    I missed my “chance” to play in YOUR league with one “expert” from one “fantasy sports platform” that happens to be dying faster than the second amendment. How much longer is yahoo even going to be around? How many Behrens articles do you think I read? And what’s with your pathetic hard on for the guy? Not saying he sucks, but what the fuck is he telling me that I don’t already know, or haven’t already heard?! There are probably 30+ writers and broadcasters in these invitational leagues I’m more gassed up to play with.

  150. Tris

    you are no longer invited to any of my leagues and i will recuit alone. it isn’t because you are a bad person. it is bc your ego won’t handle any instruction.

  151. Tris

    you are welcome to kick me out of fsaa leagues if you have animus. i don’t want to deal with this junk any longer. if not i will manage my team best i can.

  152. FantasySportsAddicts

    you’re more than welcome in fsaa leagues, I have an unlimited tolerance for your “junk” somehow. it’s just too fucking hilarious!

  153. Tris

    my favorite band when i was a little kid made it into the Rock n Roll HOF Bon Jovi

  154. FantasySportsAddicts

    my “ego can’t handle instruction”? its because of your ego that there is any instruction beyond, “here are the settings, guys, and let’s have fun” in the first place! if not ego, what else can one call it, insanity?!

  155. Tris

    insanity is a good word for it

  156. FantasySportsAddicts

    well, okay, then you agree!

  157. Tris

    i know i can’t explain it any clearer yet you still don’t get it. that is insanity.

  158. Tris

    it isn’t like im some girl you didnt call you back

  159. Tris

    i called and explained and explained and you didn’t want to hear it.

  160. Tris

    junk is at face value. you didn’t fit.

  161. Tris

    i hope you fit in the future bc i love you

  162. FantasySportsAddicts

    no, i wont write an essay to play in your league!!! jesus god this hilarious

  163. Tris

    idk what you mean with the essay shit

  164. Tris

    i did that junk in 1999 when no one was playing fantasy on aol. who even uses aol these days?

  165. Tris

    that is not DOB now.

  166. FantasySportsAddicts

    so you’re saying you didn’t ask people to describe their basketball fandom stories in your leagues?

  167. Tris

    they very first DOB league was in 1999. members wrote essays to get in. we lasted 3 year years before life took me away. i bought hats with my own money to designate champions. i made logos of every team bc i worked at a web firm at the time. that was 20 years ago

  168. FantasySportsAddicts

    but this wasn’t anything encouraged recently?

  169. Tris


  170. Tris

    i ask people to post shit on twitter and tag the page

  171. FantasySportsAddicts

    well, i’m still running with the narrative as an example of absurd commissioning!

  172. FantasySportsAddicts

    so you want them to write twitter essays

  173. FantasySportsAddicts

    i guess that’s just a semantic argument

  174. Tris

    tom, i don’t give i shit what you think of my commissioning just as you don’t give a shiti what i think of your commissioning

  175. Tris


  176. Tris

    if people are active on twitter i have asked them to tag the page. i would like to get the page going

  177. FantasySportsAddicts

    so start a website

  178. Tris

    it it is relevant to the page

  179. Tris


  180. Tris

    it isn’t a semantic argument. it is you lying again. why do you feel the need to misrepresent me on a regular basis. it is because the truth is not assailable. so, you make up shit and attack that.

  181. Tris

    fuck you, Tom. you want me to be some arch. im not. go fuck yourself.

  182. FantasySportsAddicts

    there’s tagging a page, and asking someone to write content for you as a requirement for participation in your leagues. did anyone know what they were signing up for when they joined? i sure didn’t! walked into to a massive pile of penguin shit!

  183. Tris

    you just make shit up. go take a flying leap

  184. FantasySportsAddicts

    i’m sharing this entire conversation, let the people decide who should leap first!

  185. Tris

    it isn’t a requirement for participation in leagues. it is just like you and andrew

  186. Tris

    it is trying to get articles ascibed to the page. it isn’t requirement.

  187. Tris

    you are being a no faith jackass. just knock it off.

  188. Tris

    nothing in this thread am i ashamed of. post the whole damn thing.

  189. Tris

    you won’t tho. you will cut and paste and make it a lie bc that is what you do

  190. Tris

    you are a liar Tom. I love you but you lie about people. you need to knock it off

  191. Tris

    just do the pod about this you are going to do anyway and let me be. im not trying to be in your latest fabricated drama

  192. FantasySportsAddicts

    except we have a business arrangement, a website, a youtube channel, relevant, individual twitter feeds, individual agendas and goals, etc. there are no “suggested contributions”, minimum requirements for participation, or commissioner coercion

  193. Tris

    idk what that has to do with me

  194. Tris

    i bought your shirt. i offered to send you money

  195. Tris

    what does that have to do with me. you said keep my money. i am invested in the page but this junk is retarded

  196. FantasySportsAddicts

    i’m not asking people to write content FOR me because I lack my own or whatever. That’s an absurd ask of your leagues, regardless of whether it’s mandatory or not!

  197. Tris

    what do you want from me, Tom? I don’t get this. just tell me what you want.

  198. FantasySportsAddicts

    stop doing stupid annoying shit like inviting me to a league with absurd requirements which you should have probably outlined at the onset! stop doing stupid annoying shit like removing me from your league less than two hours after i join because “i don’t fit” while i am in fact making an attempt to “fit”. stop doing stupid annoying shit like wasting my time generally! stop doing stupid annoying shit like always being the cause of or center of a problem in fantasy leagues. but mostly, dont stop doing that stupid annoying shit because it is truly hilarious and provides me with an endless supply of material!

  199. Tris

    i can’t do that bc you don’t fit. you are a commissioner. you run leagues and you are not able to run a team according to another leagues rules. it doesn’t matter what you think of them. they can be stupid to you but they are in place. run your leagues. i will do my best to fit in them. you will not even try to fit in my leagues bc that isn’t what you do

  200. Tris

    you don’t even want to fit. you are a bull in a china shop and im not going to take that on bc it does not fit here. you can call me any name in the book. i know my league. you do not.

  201. Tris

    you do not fit here.

  202. FantasySportsAddicts

    isn’t 1/5th of your league poached from my addict leagues? LOL

  203. Tris

    not a fifth but some. amazing bc they fit.

  204. Tris

    they aren’t profound assholes trying to exact their will all the time. they just enjoy the league for what it is. you are lucky to have them.

  205. FantasySportsAddicts

    addicts don’t like being fucked around, i’d never tell them to bail on your leagues, but you’re probably at risk of alienating all of them, and behrens as well with continued totalitarian commissioning!

  206. Tris

    Evan is a great guy. So is Rhys. So is Keenen. they have zero in common with you so i wonder why they tolerate your nonsense. Im betting it is bc you organize. you have leagues available.

  207. Tris

    i am not at risk but i have a feeling you are going to help that along

  208. Tris

    this acrimony is tedious and unnecessary. I am going to do something else. talk with you later.

  209. FantasySportsAddicts

    so i’m just a warm hole? that’s rich! how would you know what any of them have in common with me? all you’ve ever done in the history of our leagues is assume thing about people and generalize them without even truly knowing any of them!

  210. FantasySportsAddicts

    what did you call james, an egotistical, elitist frat boy? and you really took the time to get to know him before you started spouting that garbage didn’t you? how long had you been hanging around our website before your first encounter with me sent me over the edge? and why did i go over the edge? you assumed, generalized, and categorized to fit your narrative

  211. Tris

    buy crytpo. it is going back up

  212. Tris

    i dont care for James. it is true. He is an egotistical frat boy. but, you know what? I can show up in your league and obey the rules and compete with him.

  213. Tris

    James and I don’t have much in common. I am cool with that. i know he is too. you are the only one with issue with that. james is a douche but he was honest with me. he said, ‘ we will probably never be best friends’ that is the least douchey thing he has ever said to me. and I respect him for it.

  214. FantasySportsAddicts

    nah, precious metals, jewels, and land are more my speed. now, back to what’s at hand: i’ll be totally honest, i was looking forward to your league. not because of behrens, or anything specifically beyond the fact that it was an NL only league, and I haven’t played one in at least a decade. I was hoping you could have sorta…reigned in the insanity. Just long enough to run a decent league…shame on me for making ASSUMPTIONS! There are no rules in my leagues beyond the fucking settings and a basic gentleman’s agreement not to collude! And honestly, I don’t think you can compete with him…he’s probably light years ahead of you, Myself as well! But your assumption that he is an egotistical frat boy is so profoundly mistaken, that even I am offended by it. How could you fucking possibly know that about him without having any manner of interaction with him outside of a fantasy league?

  215. Tris

    i just have my experience which is all any of us have. i thought you were talking about andy. im pretty sure he will wipe the floor with us but he is my cousin. i had to invite my cousin. i think it will be fun. Andy will probably win but idc. i get to do my best against the best and i look forward to that.

  216. Tris

    i don’t think James is terribly great at fantasy sports tbh. he is competant, not great. i am glad you are proud of him tho. i don’t feel threatened competing with him

  217. Tris

    james won’t trade with me anymore which is probably good for him. he has a lot of tells in trade negotiations. he is prideful and pride is easy to manipulate. He is kind of a fish with that junk.

  218. Tris

    he gets by bc nobody else picks up on it but James is very readable even on PM

  219. FantasySportsAddicts

    for being a supposed intellectual, you are disastrously presumptuous, and dangerously lacking self-awareness. james is highly educated, highly informed, highly motivated, charismatic, and talented. it’s no accident he’s being warmly welcomed into a rather elite circle of writers and “experts” so early into his own efforts. you run a league that a successful, distant family member happened to join…should he not be proud of his hard work and accomplishments? i’m not sure how you can read a person’s “tells” by way of typing, as there is no inherent way to accurately decipher tone or intent. You’d have to make an assumption to do that, which as I’ve discussed previously seems to be your forte. I can’t wait for this FSAA Roto League, you are wearing a massive target my friend!

  220. Tris

    Again, I’m glad you are happy for and proud of your friend.

  221. Tris

    There’s no way to read tells other than testing assumptions. If you don’t test what you see there is no value gained from the negotiation beyond the potential trade and obviously making a friend. I’m not an intellectual. I’m curious and maybe that is the start of being intellectual but i don’t know enough to be an intellectual and more important, I dont count my worth according to what i know. Intellectuals tend to do that.

  222. Tris

    btw, andy send me a message saying he didn’t mind if i told people he was in the league. otherwise, i never would have tweeted that.

  223. FantasySportsAddicts


  224. Tris

    well, i had asked you to keep it down low, so i thought anyway, bc Andy didn’t want a lot of attention (just to be in a regular league with regular people. It occurred to me when you commented on tweet that the tweet was at odds with that request, “so”, I was clarifying.

  225. FantasySportsAddicts

    regular people, eh? you think he’s gonna play aggressively, or like hold back?

  226. Tris

    that is a good point. I will send him a message inquiring and ask him to play aggressively

  227. FantasySportsAddicts

    i mean, i wouldn’t want him taking it easy or some shit. that was the one fear i had, like what if he makes 10 moves all year? kinda spoils the fun