Dynasty Baseball Teams Available!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

The Hot Stove is officially boiling over!  MLB’s Winter Meetings recently concluded and we saw a plethora of player piñatas bandied about in trade talks.  The free agent dominoes have also started falling, most with hefty contracts awarded thus far.  You can bet Ryan and I were doing cartwheels over both the Zack Greinke signing and Shelby Miller trade here in Arizona (yeah that’s right, eat shit Dodgers fans).  Homer-ism’s aside, this is probably the most exciting time of year for Fantasy Baseball managers – with of course, the exception of your league’s draft and post-season play.

So friends, the Fantasy Baseball season is finally upon us!  If you’re an Addict like Ryan and I, you’ve already been keeping track of all the player transactions and roster changes; either mentally, or by some other method (such as a spreadsheet).  Obviously, as we get closer to the start of the season, we’ll be posting our usual podcast/video material to get you up to speed on all that’s happened during the offseason in case you’ve missed out.  In the meantime though, I thought I’d whet your appetite for Fantasy Baseball with a little good old-fashioned pre-hype HYPE.

Ryan and I have three teams available in each of our dynasty leagues.  Unfortunately, through no fault of our own, we have been forced to replace several terrific managers.  This is entirely on them though!  Honestly, it may sound heavy-handed, but the only thing we ask of managers in our leagues is active participation.  Which means that you reply if your commissioner makes a post to the league’s message board about being pissed off at you.  If you can’t even do the minimum, you don’t belong in one of our leagues, plain and simple!  We consider ours to be among the best fantasy sports leagues in existence.  Playing in them is a privilege, and that privilege can be revoked.

Hence, we’re making these three teams available to the FSAA community.  We’ve posted an invitational video on YouTube, however, it isn’t your standard league invite.  This invite comes with a few strings attached.  Because our leagues are the best, you’ll have to go through several rounds of “tryouts“!  These tryouts will consist of a mock dynasty auction draft (1st year) and fitness review by a panel of judges which is comprised of myself, Ryan, and several of our most trusted/longest tenured managers.  So this isn’t about whether or not you have the best draft, it’s entirely arbitrary!  We want managers who fit the chemistry of these dynasty leagues and are committed to playing dynasty baseball for the long haul.

These are the six teams available, again, three in each of our leagues.

Ryan’s league, Dynasty Hall of Fame:

Tom’s league, Keeper League of Evil:

Ideally we’re looking for three new managers to take over two teams apiece, one in each league obviously.  If you think you can hack it, we’ll be happy to take your application by e-mail or Twitter.

Happy Fantasy Baseball Season!

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