Dynastybball Official League Start-up – Final Review

Dynastybball Official League Start-up – Final Review

Jordan Schultz
I was going to write my own final draft review, but Jordan from dynastybball.com already wrote a damn good one, so in effort of time, I am just going to post his article here for the fellow addicts.  Also, I doubt I would have done nearly as in depth of an article anyways.  It is a really good article and was a really fun draft.  It is going to be hard to wait until next season to see how my team does.  BTW My team is DyNastyKing
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(A podcast will be recorded this weekend to dive even deeper into this draft with interviews with various league members.)We have finally wrapped up the 14-round start-up draft for the official 20-team dynastybball.com dynasty league. This is the official draft review that will touch on all aspects and areas of this draft.  It will be broken down into three sections.
1.) Draft Day Trades
2.) Final Roster Breakdown.

3.) Round-by-Round Review
4.) Wild Draft Grades

This is not a mock draft, we will play this league out for multiple seasons. In this start-up draft, all teams finished up with 13 players and a rookie draft slot. We will fill the last three roster spots with our three rookie/FA picks that will take place within one week of the NBA Draft. The rookie/FA draft is not a snake draft, slot one gives you picks 1.01, 2.01, and 3.01, which is highly valuable in a 20 team league.  The scoring for this league is head-to-head 9-category scoring, eight teams make the playoffs.
For a full run down of the league rules go here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YNC6_-jlrZRDGJdbm8fZD5Nf4IQgNm7L8O0vR2u-WMg/edit

#1 – Draft Day Trades

This league was active right from the start. There were 9 trades made in the 14-round draft that took just 14 days to complete. Here are the eight trades:

1.) Dynasty Kings trades 1.11 and 6.10 – Milwaukee Beers trades 2.04 and 3.17

2.) The Minnesota Gophers trades its 1st, 6th, and 10th round picks to Cardiff Giant for its 2nd, 3rd, and 9th round picks.

3.) Milwaukee Beers trade their draft picks in the 5th, 8th and 9th round – The Water Bed send their draft picks in the 4th, 9th, and 10th round.

4.) Better Call Gasol trades Klay Thompson + 11th round pick + 13th round pick for Dynasty King’s Jabari Parker + 7th round pick + 8th round pick

5.) Team Kuhina trades pick 6.13 and 11.18 for Minnesota Gophers’ picks 7.14 and 9.14

6.) Team Kuhina trades Danilo Gallinari and 7.14 for  Milwaukee Beer’s Rookie draft slot 4 (1.04, 2.04, 3.04) and 9.2

7.) Team Kuhina sends his 9.08 and 9.14 picks for Better Call Gasol’s 8.10 and 12.02 picks

8.) Milwaukee Beers trades Danilo Gallinari, 11.17, 12.04 for Cardiff Giant’s Marcus Smart, 10.07, 10.12

9.) Better Call Gasol  trades pick 8.10 and 12.02 for Team Kuhina’s picks 9.08 and 9.14

#2 – Final Roster Breakdown 

Average Team Ages: (Thanks to Cardiff Giant for running the numbers)

Water Bed-21.23
Better Call Gasol- 21.38
Minnesota Gophers- 21.77
White Mambas- 23.38
Team Kuhina – 24.31
Cookies and Kareem – 24.46
California Wild- 24.69
Tune Squad – 24.77
Kawai me a river – 25.15
We are Championship – 25.38
Carpe Diem – 25.46
Milwaukee Beers – 25.62
Cardiff Giant – 26.31
Pup-N-Suds -26.46
White Bluffs – 26.46
Dynasty King – 26.69
Tijuana Trash – 28.08
Island Sunshine – 28.15
Team Hames – 29.08
Missouri Flood – 30.23

Better Call Gasol – Rookie Draft Slot 1.01 – Adam Foxman, podcast co-host.

Thoughts From Adam: This isn’t my first dynasty league, but it is the first time that I have ever employed this strategy and it’s honestly a testament to how much faith I put in the commish, /u/JordanSchultz2332 to run a strong league over many seasons. As we all know, he is a total tyrant as a commissioner, but the most effective leaders usually are. 😉
When I saw that I was going to have the 19th pick out of the 20 team owners, I was extremely disappointed. When my pick came around, I felt like my best chance at a superstar was the Rookie Draft Slot One. Honestly, if I could have, I’d have chosen Rookie Draft Slot Two for my second pick at that point. I decided at that moment that I was going to build my first ever 3-5 year window slow build team. With my 2nd pick, I chose Klay Thompson simply because he was the best asset. I flipped him for Jabari Parker and 2 decent picks. After that, I snatched up Jahlil Okafor and it was very apparent to anyone paying attention that I was not employing a “Win Now” strategy. I hadn’t gone full-blown Hinkie and there isn’t going to be a 13-page letter, but this is going to take some time.
After that, I grabbed Harrison Barnes, which may have been a bit of a reach, but I am gambling on him leaving GS and becoming a big producer in a 2nd-3rd scorer’s role. After that, I picked up Dante Exum, who will step immediately back into the starting role in Utah next year. He is extremely young with really high upside and an open opportunity at around 30 minutes for a competitive team. No brainer, though perhaps grabbed a bit early. Next few picks continue to fit the theme of youth, with Steven Adams, Mario Hezonja, Marcus Morris, Frank Kaminsky and Doug McDermott. I have lived in Orlando my entire life and am a diehard Magic fan. I always try to get an Orlando player and was very happy to get Hezonja. He has all-star upside, but I really worry about him getting enough burn under Scott Skiles.
I also grabbed Brandon Jennings around this time. He should technically only be in the early part of his prime. At this point in the draft, it isn’t a big risk to take a guy like Jennings who was a fantasy stud for so many years. It is equally possible that he will bounce back like Rondo did this last year or continue to circle the drain like Ty Lawson. After that, due to some draft day finagling, I did not pick in Rounds 10, 11, 12, or 13. Finally, I chose Markel Brown in Round 14. He was a great player in college and has really get athleticism with decent skill. There were stretches last year where he put up numbers for Brooklyn. Since they are such a dumpster fire, I figure there is a shot that he cement himself in their guard rotation.
That’s it. It is a bold strategy and one that can’t really be evaluated for several years. I will trot out my best lineups week in and week out, but I don’t expect to win much. I didn’t focus even one iota on category or position. #assets

Minnesota Gophers – Rookie Draft Slot 1.02

From the Owner: 
TL:DR- I drafted a bunch of young guys
Stage 1: Game Plan Going into the draft with pick 14, I had a few plans.
Plan A: Pick a young superstar that fell to me (Brow, Lillard, DMC, Paul George)
Plan B: Go for a rebuild and pick Porzingis
Plan C: Trade down if a good deal presents itself
Plan D: Play it safe and pick John Wall or Draymond.
If Plan A didn’t come to fruition, I knew I would go with the rebuilding route. In a 20-team league, there are going to be at least 14 teams aiming to win in the next 2 years, while fewer will be looking for the more risky route of looking to win in 3 to 4 years. Also, with the 14th pick, I couldn’t reasonably expect to build a much stronger team than other owners. I never really expected any of the guys from Plan A to fall, but it especially hurt when George, Lillard, and Porzingis were the last 3 picks before my pick came up. So, I went with Plan C and traded my 1st, 6th, and 10th round picks to Cardiff Giant for his 2nd, 3rd, and 9th round picks.
Stage 2: The Picks
Round 2: Nikola Jokic This pick confused many (and probably made other owners happy since he probably wasn’t on their board till the 3rd or 4th round. I had him graded as a fringe 2nd/3rd rounder, but after seeing Porzingis go at pick 13, I knew I had to get my guy sooner rather than later.
You know about the crazy per 36 stats, and unlike Alexis Ajinca, I think Jokic’s numbers can be extrapolated. I believe that Jokic is the best passing big man (with 2 healthy feet) in the NBA. He’s trying to move to PF to fit with Nurkic, so more 3’s could be in his immediate future. My main hesitation is that his blocks are a bit weak, but I peg his floor at Vucevic and ceiling at Marc Gasol with 3’s and fewer blocks.
Round 2 (from Cardiff giant): Rookie Draft Slot 2 Honestly, I don’t have a preference between getting Simmons or Ingram. Check out Better Call Gasol’s explanation for choosing the 1st pick for why I chose #2. In short, it’s a decent chance to get a superstar and my window of winning isn’t open for a couple years. I knew after the 1st pick went in the 1st round, I wouldn’t have another chance at #2. I felt good about paying a lower price for a player with relatively similar odds of being a superstar, even though I won’t be able to choose between them.
Round 3 (from Cardiff giant): D’Angelo Russell I’m going to try to keep these short, as I’m already at about 1 page (in Microsoft Word). As I wrote when I drafted him, Byron Scott and Kobe are gone, greatly boosting his value for next year. Also, I targeted the market inefficiency (perceived by me) of not appreciating the difficulty of the transition from college PG to pro PG. It’s such a difficult transition and few PGs thrive in their rookie season.
Round 3: Emmanuel Mudiay Remember that perceived market inefficiency? Yeah, I’m going after it again. Mudiay is much riskier than Russell. Mudiay could just as easily continue his impression of Philly MCW as he could develop a passable jumper and become Russell Westbrook-lite.
Round 4: Justise Winslow I don’t have much to explain here. He passes the eye test but his stats are lacking. I’m counting on his stats catching up to his real life ability. With Wade and Joe Johnson close to retirement, he should have more of an opportunity, although he averaged a solid 28.6 minutes/game this year.
Round 5: Gary Harris About 30 picks later I was back on the clock. I went with a 3rd Nugget, Gary Harris. I had taken so many risks and bet on so many jumpers developing (Mudiay, Winslow, and potentially Simmons), that I was content taking a high floor/low upside player that I hope will be a cog on my contending team in a few years. He’s 21 and will be entering the big 3rd year of his career. I expect him to be a popular breakout candidate. TRADE with Team Kuhina- my 7th and 9th rounders for his 6th and 11th rounders.
Round 6 (from Team Kuhina): Bobby Portis Some of my favorite targets were flying off the board in this round, and when only one of my top guys remained, I moved up and got him. Bobby Portis is a versatile player that is reminiscent of Paul Millsap. Let’s just hope the Bulls medical staff stays away from him.
Round 7: No pick (thems the breaks) This was a weaker round so I really didn’t end up minding that I missed out.
Round 8: Jared Sullinger I was between Sullinger and Justin Anderson. I figured Anderson was more likely to fall to the 9th round. Sure enough, he didn’t and I’m still questioning the decision. Oh well. Sully is 24 and is another high floor low ceiling player. He is an RFA this offseason, and I really don’t know how his value would change in different situations. He should fit along with Gary Harris as a solid role player when I am in position to contend…or as trade bait to sell to a contending team this season.
Round 9: Tyus Jones I was just talking to Commish about how I am not a big Tyus fan and think he is physically overmatched in the NBA. However, you know who might be able to teach him a thing or two? New coach Thibs, who ran an offense in which undersized PGs thrived like Aaron Brooks and Nate Robinson. Also, young PGs were running out, and Tyus is 19 and should at least be a solid 3rd PG on my team for a long time.
Round 10: No pick
Round 11 (from Team Kuhina): Chris McCullough I’m a big fan of C-McC. He’s got a beautiful shot and puts up great defensive stats (Per 36, he put up 2.8 steals and 1.2 blocks, along with 0.5 3’s). He is extremely inexperienced, but should have plenty of opportunities next year if he stays healthy.
Round 11: Allen Crabbe Seeing as the playoffs are going on, I was very surprised to see Crabbe still on the board. He was near the top of my board in the 9th round, so I had to take the value here. He is 24, is an RFA, and is thriving in the playoffs. I expect some team to overpay him to have a big role next year. Even if he stays in Portland, he should be able to be a top 150 overall player. It isn’t the worst thing to get at pick 214!
Round 12: Cory Joseph Joseph is 24 years old. I see Kyle Lowry having a Deron Williams-like decline in the next few years. He would be a solid #3 PG on a playoff team in our league, starting or not.
Round 13: Walter Tavares Wahoo! Edy Tavares is 24, 7’3”, and has a 7’9” wingspan. If anyone is going to be the next Gobert, it’s this guy. As a rookie last year, he spent most of his time in the D-League. He puts up awesome boards and blocks, and has decent free throws at around 70%. He’s a clear stash and might spend another year in the D-League, but my team isn’t going to be a contender this year, anyways.
Round 14: Tyler Johnson I expect to drop Tyler. It will hurt, as I really like him, but he isn’t significantly better than many of the free agents. Let’s not get too emotionally attached here.

Carpe Diem – Rookie Draft Slot 1.03

From a rival GM: “But if you listen real close, you can hear them whisper their legacy to you. Go on, lean in. Listen, you hear it? – – Carpe – – hear it? – – Carpe, carpe diem, seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary.” –John Keating Dead Poets Society
Carpe Diem will have a tough time seizing the championship this year, but he has a nice young core to compete for the next 10 years. With the 13th pick in the draft, Carpe selected the Three-Six Latvia Kristaps Porzingas. This pick may have surprised a few people, but I’m fine with it. Really hard to find a guy who can help in 3’s, blocks and FT%.
His next pick was at #28 and he went with Kehlani’s Ex, Kyrie Irving. Another nice pick and he complements Kristaps’ game nicely. Two questions with him are his health and Lebron’s future. If Lebron ever left, I think Irving could become a top 20 guy. At #53, he picked Brook Lopez. Another nice pick as I feel his injuries are behind him(Knock on wood).With his next 2 picks, he went younger with Rookie pick #3 and Cameron Payne. Not a huge fan of either pick. This draft looks to be 2 studs and a bunch of good players, so #3 is not where I want to be. Payne will only be 21 next season, but the fact he couldn’t get minutes from Randy Foye scares me. The rest of his draft was solid, highlighted by Jusuf Nurkic and lowlighted by Sam Dekker. Nurkic will be a solid big man for a long time while I feel Dekker is not an NBA player.

Team Kuhina – Rookie Draft Slot 1.04

From a rival GM: Team Kuhina is an interesting team with a pretty big window of fringe playoff contention, though they do have some glaring issues. This might be the worst 3 point shooting team in the league. There are great scorers in Westbrook, Vucci, Monroe, and Jrue Holiday, but only the oft-injured Ryan Anderson is a real 3 point threat. Also, despite having very good PF/Cs on the roster, the blocks will be few and far between.
Russell Westbrook is one of the greatest current fantasy players and is a triple-double threat on a nightly basis. If he is your best player, you’re in good shape. Nikola Vucevic is a great fantasy player currently, but I seriously worry about his terrible defense taking him in the way of Enes Kanter. Not that Kanter isn’t a decent fantasy player, but it is a major drop-off from the production that Team Kuhina is clearly envisioning.
Jrue Holiday is a major wildcard. He can either be a top-40 fantasy player or he can spend the entire year on the IR. Greg Monroe is also a little bit of a volatile commodity, because of his situation in Milwaukee. While he puts up very strong numbers, he is a very odd fit next to the rest of the roster and he was not a part of their best lineups last year. It is conceivable that he could end up in the same predicament that I wrote about with Vucevic.
I really liked the T.J. Warren pickup. He is an underrated player and was someone that I was targeting, as well. With young players like Nik Stauskas and Noah Vonleh, there is a chance that they become real rotation players. At the moment, they are both struggling to find strong production in their shifting roles. Whomever Team Kuhina selects at the 1.04 pick in the Rookie Draft will be a vital part of the team’s future.This roster needs some work, but the fantasy talent is absolutely there. The vision for this team appears to be a little murky at the moment, but there are more than enough assets to build a long-term competitive team.

White Bluffs Growlers – Rookie Draft Slot 1.05

From a rival GM: White Bluff Growlers do not appear to be an immediate championship contender. The 2016-2017 playoffs seem like a very lofty goal for this team. However, with young fantasy monsters like Victor Oladipo, Draymond Green, and Jonas Valanciunas, this team’s core and future is extremely enviable. However, if one of those three players gets injured or regresses in anyway, you are looking at a very thin roster in terms of production.
This team isn’t well-balanced at the moment, though with the aforementioned core, there will be plenty of time to swap assets and level out the roster. Assists will be hard to come by, as will 3 pointers made. Draymond gives great across the board production, but he is just one player. There are no 20+ ppg scorers and the closest player to that mark, Dirk Nowitzki, is old enough to be the father of whomever WBG selects with their rookie draft pick. With that 5th overall pick in the Rookie Draft, the White Bluff Growlers will be able to add some good young talent. The upper crust of this draft class is decent and a very solid prospect can be added with this pick. Trading this pick should not be considered, unless a decent haul is offered up. Overall, I think with proper management, this team can be a contender in a few years. It would take a lot of moving and shaking to get to the top sooner than that.

Island Sunshine – Rookie Draft Slot 1.06

From a rival GM: The team Island Sunshine is a definitive competitor right out of the gates while having sacrificed a little bit of their long-term potential to get there. Headlined by players like James Harden, Kyle Lowry, Derrick Favors, Mike Conley, and Chris Bosh, this is a team who’s championship contending time is right now. Kyle Lowry and Chris Bosh are 30 and 32 respectively, so their primes will be fizzling soon (possibly VERY soon for Bosh with his health issues).
Moves will have to be made in 2-3 years to keep this team fresh, otherwise, that championship window may start to close. Harden and Favors will be fantasy studs for many years to come, but the rest of the core is aging. Even Conley is 28, which means that he is likely at his peak and will only remain there for 3-5 more years at the most.
Luckily, Island Sunshine did secure the 1.06 Rookie Draft Pick for this year, which will infuse a little extra youth. However, there aren’t many exciting prospects out of the top 4-5, so I would recommend looking to trade this pick in the pursuit of talent to help win the championship now.

The Water Bed – Rookie Draft Slot 1.07

From a rival GM: As the youngest team in the league(average age 21.38) Water Bed seems to be planning for the future, but if things go well for them this year, they could compete for a playoff spot.
With the Greek Freak, Devin Booker, Tobias Harris and Alex Len, Water Bed has a young core that is ready to contribute right away. Getting Giannis at #2 is a nice, safe pick(missed 8 games in 3 seasons) with little upside. Wasn’t a huge fan of Kanter(5th round) before this season, but he seems to be getting better on defense and that was the only thing keeping him from being a starter and a fantasy stud.
Hard to find fault in his draft, but if I’m nitpicking: Jeremy Lin is more of a win-now guy, who expects to see his minutes cut if he stays in Buzz City. And I thought there were younger guys with more upside than Michael Beasley in the 12th round.
This was a draft Sam Hinke would have been proud of. If Water Bed is patient(trust the process!) and picks up a solid rookie with the #7 pick this year, he should be a top team in a couple of years.

Pup-N-Suds – Rookie Draft Slot 1.08

From the Owner: This is my first dynasty league, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect in the startup. That being said, I was very surprised at how far some players fell. It seems like age 30 loomed very large in people’s decision making and caused tons of players to fall much further than I expected. I think there are a few teams who went with a win-now attitude who should be extremely happy with how the draft went because they might have a longer run of dominance than most people would expect.
My picks-Round 1- Jimmy Butler. I wasn’t very happy drawing the last pick in a 20 person draft. Going that many picks between my back to back leaves a lot of room for players I want to be drafted. I was choosing between Jimmy Butler and Klay Thompson in with this pick. I opted to go with the more well-rounded stats of Jimmy Bulter over the 3 point shooting of Klay. I’m happy to start my team with Jimmy, not only is he a player on my hometown Bulls, but I expect his role to grow. Management is fully behind Coach Hoiberg, and he wants to increase the tempo of the bulls offense. More possessions in the game. More opportunities for Jimmy. There’s also rumbling of trade talks, but any team who trades for Butler is going to be giving up so much, that they will have to give him the keys to their offense.
Round 2-Kemba Walker There weren’t any bigs I liked spending the first pick in the second round on, so I paired Jimmy Butler with Kemba Walker to give me a dynamic backcourt. Both in their mid-20s and both with well-rounded games. I’m happy to roll with these 2 holding down my guard spots for the next half dozen seasons.
Rounds 3-4 Julius Randle and Jae Crowder
Very happy to get Randle with the 60th pick. At only 21 years old, he pulled down over 10 boards per game to go along with 11 points, in less than 30 minutes per game. His team is garbage, but he is definitely going to be one of their building blocks for the future.
Jae Crowder- Another young, well-rounded player to add to my team. Hits 3s, gets steals, and Boards. At this point, I’m very happy with how things have gone, but I’m crossing my fingers that a decent center will fall to my next pick.
Rounds 5-6. Marc Gasol and Will Barton
I needed to get a center, and at this point, I couldn’t wait any longer. I decided to take Marc Gasol and hope he can bounce back. North of 30 years old, and coming off an injury, but at this point, the only center eligible player left on the board with legitimate top 40 upside. Highly skilled big who gets out of position assists and hits over 75% from the line. If he returns to form, I feel like my first 5 picks stack up well against anyone.
Will Barton- Back to the young well-rounded players I’ve been targeting. Eligible for multiple positions, over 1 three per game, close to 6 boards, and another guy who hits 80% from the FT line. At this point, my team is most likely punting Blocks and perhaps FG%, but I’m happy with everything else.
Rounds 7-8 George Hill and 8th rookie draft slot.
I needed a 2nd PG eligible player and I’m happy to get one who is at least a starter. George Hill is solid but unspectacular. He loses ball handling opportunities to Paul George, but this cuts his TOs some. It also gives him a few extra looks at open 3s every game.
I took the 8th rookie draft pick next. At this point, picks started coming off the board fast. And I wanted something in the top 10. No player jumped at me to pick here so I grabbed the draft slot.
Rest of the draft. Taj Gibson, Omri Casspi, Tony Wroten, Boban Marajanovic, Trey Burke, CJ Miles.
Taj- Most likely going to be a starter in Chicago. PF and C eligible. Happy with him at this spot but I definitely need to get younger at the center position.
Omri- Can get hot from 3 point range, grabs a good amount of boards.
Tony Wroten- Still young, coming off an injury, but there is a chance he becomes a starter in New York. Hopefully becomes more disciplined out of Philly.
Boban- Total flier, but anytime he got on the floor, he gave good per minute numbers. Duncan looks done to me, Diaw is up there in age also. We’ll see what direction the spurs go.
Burke- Might need to get out of the log jam that is Utah in order to be worth it, but I see flashes from him. Former top 10 pick.
CJ Miles- Has the ability to get hot. Wanted to get some extra 3 point shooting.
Overall I’m happy with my team. Going to struggle with Blocks, and FG%, but I should compete everywhere else. Building the team around Butler and Kemba, it was natural to go that route. Most of my team is in their mid-20s, so I can keep these guys together for a while. In most cases I decided to go for the solid/safe pick over the huge upside pick, and really outside of my top 3 picks, I don’t see much superstar potential on my team, but if guys perform to what their averages suggest, I think I should be able to compete short and long term.

Tune Squad – Rookie Draft Slot 1.09

From a rival GM:
Round 1- Steph Curry
This owner probably didn’t expect Curry to be here with the 3rd pick, but after the Greek Freak went 2nd, Curry falls into his lap at 3.  Led the league in 3s by a huge margin, led the league in steals, shoots insane percentages.   To be able to get the number 1 fantasy player with the 3rd pick is awesome, and it’s a great way to start a dynasty draft.
Round 2-Eric Bledsoe
If you are afraid of his injury, this is a reach.  If you aren’t afraid of his injury, Bledsoe has huge potential.  This owner obviously belongs to the latter way of thinking.  If Bledsoe plays isn’t hampered by his knee, the duo of Curry and Bledsoe gives Toon Squad a backcourt that will rival anyones.   I think there is a chance he would have lasted until later in the draft, but if you see a guy you want you have to grab him. Can’t knock the pick.
Round 3-Myles Turner
Super young, super athletic, super potential.  There were some established bigs that were still on the
board that I expected to go before Turner (Aldridge,Horford,Lopez). But I can’t argue his upside, and
this owner was definitely attracted to his age.
Round 4- Kent Bazemore
Started off very hot last year, then very up and down after the all star break.  Entering unrestricted free agency and will probably cash in on his huge improvement last season.  Where he ends up will probably determine what his value is.   Still only 26, so he probably has some room to grow into a bigger role, but needs to be more consistent for my liking. I think he could have been picked later in the draft and a safer pick could have been made here.
Round 5- Dennis Schroeder
Another pick, another guard.  The backup PG in Atlanta could see his situation improve tremendously this offseason.  A trade of either him or Teague could skyrocket his value.  A good aggressive PG who has really great potential.  I like the pick in this position, but with 4 guards in the first 5 picks, it might be tough to find front court players later on.
Round 6- Willie Cauley-Stein
The young big man in Sacramento.  The potential is there, but will need to find a way to get minutes in order to be a factor.  Can he play big minutes alongside boogie? It would go a long way towards
maximizing his potential.
Round 7- Norman Powell
Could be in line for a big minutes boost next season.  If DeRozan leaves via free agency, Powell could step in and become a starter next to Kyle Lowry.
Rest of the Draft- Rookie Draft slot 9- Trey Lyles- Jeremy Lamb, Andrew Bogut,  Patty Mills, Roy Hibbert, Delon Wright.
Lyles- Only 20, but stuck in a very crowded Jazz squad.  With minutes, he can contribute but might not get that for a while.
Lamb- Has the ability to get hot off the bench.  Still young and developing.
Bogut- Has struggled with injuries, but he is efficient and has spurts where he gets tons of blocks.
Mills- Tony Parker looks like he has life left, but Patty Mills always produces when given minutes.
Hibbert- The only center I’ve ever seen who can go whole games without getting a rebound.  On the plus side, he shoots great from the FT line and might get some life in him from a new situation.
Wright- Another young guard. Like Powell will benefit from the departure of DeRozan
Overall Thoughts-
Very young, very guard heavy.  I like the Curry/Bledsoe backcourt, but after that, I think there are many cases where players could have been selected a round or a few rounds later.  By the looks of it, this team is going to really struggle with TOs, Blocks, Rebounds, and FG% unless huge strides are made with Myles Turner and Willie Cauley-Stein.    Many of the players on this team are developing and could take huge strides with bigger minutes, but that’s the case for the majority of the roster.  If these players thrive with bigger minutes and increased roles, this team can make some noise.From the Owner: While my original strategy was always to go young I ran into some scenarios were I couldn’t pass up on value. My favorite part of fantasy sports and sports in general has always been trades. So I cant pass up an opportunity to get a guy with high value. With that being said lets dig in.

Round 1: Much like the first two drafters I had KAT and Giannis as my #1 and #2. My pick came down to Steph Curry or The Brow. It wasn’t ever really that close but if I had forth, I would have picked Davis. It surprised me that he lasted so long when he’s still so young. Basically it all comes down to value, Curry has been the best player in Fantasy and in real life the past two years and should be for at least the next 2-3 years. While I like having him on my team of course, he also has sky high trade value to a win now team or one of the many Steph Curry fans. Couldn’t pass him up so it was an easy choice.
Round 2 – Eric Bledsoe This pick, I was literally sprinting to the podium! Yes, he had knee surgery and yes he has been injury prone. However he’s still only 26 and was a top 25 player last year. With a league like this its important to not just be good at categories, you need to be great at them. Bledsoe + Curry gives me the foundation to win 3s, Assists and steals each week. Not to mention Bledsoe is one of the best shot blocking Guards at 0.5 per game. Doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up. Again with it being a great value pick, I can always trade him for someone of real value if I were to go more win later.
Round 3 – Myles Turner After going with value picks in the first two rounds I was able to go with a high upside guy in Myles in Round 3. While he was inconsistent with Scoring and rebounds throughout the year, I LOVE his shot blocking potential. An elite shot blocker is someone who gets 1-3 blocks consistently but also has the occasional 4+ game, which Myles has done and will only do more of with more minutes and experience. Could have gone Noel here but I don’t like punting FT%, especially since I’m a more guard heavy team with a great FT shooter like Steph. I also like Myles scoring potential more than Noel. (Even if he does have the best hair in sports)
Round 4 – Kent Bazemore While I will preface this with, I was drunk at 1:30 AM when I made this pick… I don’t regret it. I have been a big Kent Bazemore fan all year. He contributes in all categories and is a real glue guy that my team was lacking at this point. Even when he ends a night with 8 points he could have 2 3s, 6 boards, a steal and a block which are all I could hope for with a guy at this point in the draft. I like the upside of him playing for another team if he leaves in FA, where he could play a larger role in another offense.
Round 5 – Dennis Schroeder While I think he could improve in FG%, he has big potential in assists and showed during the playoffs he is ready for a starting role. Whether Teague leaves this offseason or next, Schroeder should be the starting PG in Atlanta for many years to come.
Round 6 – Willie Cauley-Stein I was very excited about this pick because I didn’t see him lasting this long. There were young big men flying off the board and I felt like he was one of the last ones left. Yes Boogie is a hindrance to his success but when he plays hes above average in steals and blocks for a big men and should only get better with more time. He seems pretty raw offensively and I don’t expect him to ever be that great of a scorer but I love the athleticism and defensive upside of the 22 year old 7 footer.
Round 7 – Norman Powell This was probably my biggest reach of the draft but I really like what I was seeing out of Norman with his big minutes at the end of the year. Seems like an all around contributor like Bazemore who showed some real scoring potential. Depending on how the raptors shake out next year, he could be a force for the Raps.
Round 8 – Rookie Draft Slot 9 I was really prepared to draft John Henson, Bismack Biyombo or both with my Round 7&8 slots but unfortunately they were snatched right before me. I hadn’t yet experienced a pick I was this confused about so I figured its never a bad idea to go with a top half rookie spot. Myles Turner would have likely been taken around #9 if this were last years rookie draft so I was really trying to get a Top 10 rookie spot. Also considered Eric Gordon here and thought he would last to my next pick, which I was again disappointed.
Round 9 – Trey Lyles Planned on Drafting Eric Gordon as another value pick with an injury history but unfortunately had the player I wanted snatched right before my eyes once again. Went with what I thought was easily the highest potential big man left on the board. Much like powell he has a current playing time issue, however I tried to draft on talent and potential while ignoring PT because talent wins out over time, whether on their current team or getting traded down the road. As a PF who doesnt seem to have much of a ceiling in blocks, he doesn’t really fit my team right now, but figured there will be plenty of trade value for an athletic young big man when he does get more minutes. Who knows how my team will evolve over time, just trying to accumulate young talented assets and the rest will work it self out.
Round 10 – Jeremy Lamb With Courtney Lee being the major hindrance to Jeremy lambs PT in the second half of the season, it seems that every one forgot about how good he was in the first half. I almost picked him up multiple times in a 9 team relatively shallow league other league I’m in. He’s 23 and was once expected to be a very solid player in the association. I expect him to get a lot more minutes when Lee leaves this offseason.
Round 11 – Andrew Bogut This is the stage in the draft where I found it very difficult to weigh picking a project pick or an older guy with more win now value. Ended up picking a few veterans here later because I felt the risk of a project was greater than the ability to flip a guy like Bogut in a deadline deal who provides real value in blocks, assists (For a center) and Fg% on the few he shoots. Plus he’s Australian Mate!
Round 12 – Patty Mills Went with another Aussie here in another veteran pickup. This pick was pretty simple, Tony Parker is gettin old and gets hurt on occasion. Since Pop is also prone to resting, its not crazy to think Patty Mills gets 20 games a year as a starter where he’s a decent distributor.
Round 13 – Roy Hibbert Also picked this one drunk, Damn those late night Saturday night picks… No Major regret tho, its a 13th rounder and there wasn’t many great options available at this point. With my team being at least decent in block potential, I went with the best shot blocker available. Hes flopped the last few years but I’m hoping he gets in a better situation elsewhere where he just throws in a couple baskets a game and protects the rim like he did in his pacer glory days. Hate his inconsistency though.
Round 14 – Delon Wright Considered a few people at this pick but the veterans I considered didn’t get picked as I expected so I figured I could always pick them up in free agency if I felt like it. Went with the 6’5″ PG who seems to have great all around stats in the d league (I know that only means so much) BUT FG% .536, FT .806, 3PM 1.2, 5 rebs, 6.5 ast, 1.6 stl and 0.6 blocks per game in the D league… Those are video game numbers. If he could get 75% of that in the NBA he would be Great.

Missouri Flood – Rookie Draft Slot 1.10

From the Owner: Overall, I think my team will be competitive for a few years, at least until all my guys end up in a retirement home. Here are some thoughts about my picks:
1 (18)- LeBron James- I never dreamed LeBron would be available at pick 18, so when he was, I had to jump on it. I was looking at two or three other people, but he kept falling, so the chance to have a superstar like LeBron on my team was something I couldn’t pass up.
2 (23)- Chris Paul- This where my strategy shifted and I decided to build a team that would contend right away and worry about the future later. Chris Paul is always one of the better fantasy players, so the chance to pair LeBron and CP3 and be competitive out of the gate was more than I could resist.
3 (58)- Nicolas Batum- Although Carmelo was on the board and I was already half-way to team Banana Boat, I couldn’t pass up Batum. He puts up decent scoring totals but is really valuable with putting up good rebounding and assist numbers for a wing. He also sounds like he wants to stay in Charlotte, where is one of their top options.
4 (63)- Carmelo Anthony- When I passed Carmelo up at 58, I had a feeling he would still be there at 63. Carmelo may be getting older and on a bad team in New York, but he is still the first option and puts up good numbers. Last season he went 21/7/4, not too bad for a fourth round pick in my book.
5 (98)- Pau Gasol- He’s going to be on the backside of his 30s next season, but the guy is still producing. He seems like he has a few years left and since I was already committing to compete next year, he seemed like a good option at C, especially at this point in the draft. Last season, Pau still put up 16/11/4, so even if that tails off a little, I’ll be happy.
6 (103)- Marcin Gortat- Again, another player in his 30s, but Gortat pulled down almost 10 boards a game last year. I don’t know how is role will chance with Brooks at the helm, but I’m hoping he puts up similar numbers next season. I also felt I needed another Center, since I’m a little worried about Gasol’s age and injury risk.
7 (138)- Deron Williams- I’m worried about this pick, but if Williams can stay somewhat healthy, he should put up good numbers. He’s opted out of his contract with Dallas, but I’m hoping he re-signs there. I think he should put up comparable numbers if he stays in Dallas (and can stay somewhat healthy), which should help my scoring and assist totals.
8 (143)- JJ Redick- I’m really not too pleased with this pick, but I need more 3s, so I’m hoping Redick can hit around the 2.7 he made per game last year. Other than 3s and FT%, Redick doesn’t really add a whole lot.
9 (178)- Alec Burks- Burks is still young, 24, and has been able to produce when he is healthy. The biggest problem with Burks is that he can never stay healthy, so this is a gamble. When he is out on the floor he can put up 13-14 points a night and hopefully he is only going to improve as he heads toward his prime.
10 (183)- Rookie draft slot 10- I was going to wait longer to take my rookie draft slot, but there was nothing I really wanted at this point, so I decided to take my rookie draft slot. I think I will be able to get a quality rookie with this pick, although this draft doesn’t look as deep as last year’s.
11 (218)- Jarrett Jack- There is a possibility that Jack returns from his injury and winds up the starting point guard in Brooklyn. If he does, this should turn out to be a very good pick, if he doesn’t, I still think he will put up adequate numbers as a reserve to justify this pick.
12 (223)- Arron Afflalo- I read that Afflalo still sees himself as an elite two guard, I’m not sure many of us agree with this assessment, but I thought I roll the dice on him. It’s possible he ends up with a team that will start him at the two and even if he isn’t starting, he should find a team where he can play an adequate bench roll.
13 (258)- Ramon Sessions- Like Afflalo, Sessions isn’t realistic about his outlook, but you can’t hate a guy for having confidence. Sessions said he was looking for a team where he could start at the point. I hate to break it to Sessions, but he isn’t going to find that team in free agency. What did attract me to him was that when Wall was out during for a few games at the end of the year, Sessions put up outstanding numbers running the point for the Wizards.
14 (263)- Kosta Koufos- I needed a big guy and Koufos seemed like a decent pick. When given time during his career, Koufos has produced, so I’m hoping he can get a chance to play in some sort of rotation with Cousins and Cauley-Stein.
I hope this gives you an idea on my thoughts about my team and the picks I made. I was in a hurry, so it may not be the best writing you’ve ever read, but I hope it gets the point across.

We are Championship – Rookie Draft Slot 1.11

From a rival GM: Not a huge fan of this team if we’re just being completely honest. He passed on KD and Westbrook in the 1st round to grab Drummond, and I think that will really come back to bite him later. Instead of getting one of the best five players in the NBA, he settled for a player that is going to lose him one category a week (FT%) unless he can find a way to improve on those shooting numbers.
Reggie Jackson should be a top-10 PG for him over the next few years, but it gets dicey after that.
Aaron Gordon has possibly the highest upside of any player in the NBA, but he’s still extremely raw and could take a year or two to get there. Goran Dragic appears to be on the way down, Elfrid Payton has a ton of upside but is also extremely raw. After that, it’s a mixed bag. Tristan Thompson could develop into a nice fantasy option, but I’m not holding my breath. Mirza Teltovic and P.J. Tucker are what they are at this point, which leaves Dwight Powell and Austin Rivers as the other young guys on the team that could take the next step forward. I’m not sure how confident in those two I am. This is one of the teams I’m pegging as a potential lottery squad this next offseason.

Dynasty King – Rookie Draft Slot 1.12

From a rival GM: Dynasty King put together an awesome team to compete right away. He’s going to struggle to ever compete in FT% while employing the “Dwight and DeAndre Brick Squad,” but he’s going to have a great FG%, Rebounds, and Blocks set-up.
 He also drafted C.J. McCollum, Danny Green and then traded for Klay Thompson, which should give him a solid jump in 3pt shooting as well.
That gives him a strength in four of nine categories, leaving the rest of his roster to try and win one or two categories on a weekly basis.
For that, he will count on Jeff Teague, Serge Ibaka, Jeff Green, an aging Tyson Chandler, and then a few younger fliers like Archie Goodwin, Thomas Robinson, and Shane Larkin.This team is extremely top-heavy with stars like Klay, Dwight, DeAndre, CJ, and Teague, he really needs a big bounce-back from Serge Ibaka, though, as his depth falls off (at least on paper) fairly quickly after that.
He’s not in a position to grab an elite game-changer in the rookie draft picking all the way back at 12, so it might be in his best interest to shop that pick around for a guy that is more likely to contribute right away this season.

Team Hames – Rookie Draft Slot 1.13

From a rival GM: I knew from prior experience that this squad would go all-in and try to win it all this year while worrying about his future squad when the time comes. That turned out to be the case as he drafted the second oldest team, averaging 29.08 years old.
He’s a Derrick Rose, Wesley Matthews and Al Jefferson bounce-back away from being a team that can be a true championship contender. He started his team off with Damian Lillard, who in my opinion has cemented himself as a top-10 dynasty asset with his performance this season. Outside of that, he rounded out his starting rotation with guys like Evan Fournier (interesting free agent this offseason) Al Horford, and Rudy Gobert. If he can get Rose, Matthews and Jefferson to bounce back to 90% of their former selfs he is going to have a seriously stout squad. Outside of that, he’s really counting on one more year from Zach Randolph, Joe Johnson and Jamal Crawford. There is a ton of risk built into this squad, but if everything breaks right he has the chance to bring home some money this season. The future is cloudy at best, though. He really needs to turn his 13th rookie draft pick into a quality fantasy player, or he could be looking at a trip to the lottery in the next season or two.

White Mambas – Rookie Draft Slot 1.14

From the Owner: I figure, in order to win in H2H, you have to at least punt one category. For dynasty though, this presents a larger issue of flexibility over the long term. For that reason, I decided to punt assists since there’s always a focus on getting high-end PG’s in the first few rounds. By doing this you can salvage FG% and TO’s as well.
My team is centered around winning FT%, 3PT, PTS, STL, TO with the chance of winning rebounds, FG% and blocks on occasion. All you need to do is win 5-4 every week and you’re in the playoffs.
In terms of picks, I think Anthony Davis, Khris Middleton, LaMarcus Aldridge, Nikola Mirotic and Robert Covington are all going to beat their ADP’s for next season. They’re not sexy picks which is part of the reason I went after them. I figure, for at least the next three seasons, I’ll have elite players who can dominate certain categories. Looking beyond three years is fortune telling.
The rest of my picks like Cole Aldrich, Jerian Grant, Josh Richardson all have the chance to do well this season. Aldrich has the chance to opt out but even if he doesn’t, he’s a top 75 player in 15mins. Josh Richardson should grow this year playing around 28-30 mins a game and suits my 3-and-D structure. Jerian Grant is the wild card here.
The rest of my picks are high upside guys who can be trade bait later on. The one position I lack is point guard since there’s zero focus on that position with my strategy. I’ll look to strengthen this in the draft.

Cardiff Giant – Rookie Draft Slot 1.15

From a rival GM: This is hands down my favorite team outside of my own.
Starting your team with John Wall and Demarcus Cousins is always a great way to begin a dynasty squad. He has great young wings with crazy high upsides to complement those two, rolling out Rodney Hood, Otto Porter Jr and Stanley Johnson.
Looking deeper, this team also has a great supporting cast of role players like Al-Farouq Aminu, Trevor Ariza, and Amir Johnson.
Danilo Gallinari is a wild card, but when he’s right he’s a top 50 fantasy player easy.
This is one team I won’t be shocked to be a playoff contender and championship threat for multiple seasons moving forward. They will be competitive now, but I almost like how stout this team is going forward. The upside of three years is even higher than now.

California Wild – Rookie Draft Slot 1.16

From the Owner: Loved getting the first pick, but was hard to take KAT. Not because he’s not awesome, and not because he isn’t the best dynasty prospect (obviously I think he is), but because of how damn amazing Curry is. I was also shocked when Curry didn’t go second. That being said I have a guy for his whole career and my fortunes are going to weigh on what he does with it. Off to a good start.
Next, I was really surprised Milsap wasn’t picked in 39 picks. A steady force that often finishes top 15 for the season, great boards, elite stocks (defense stats), good %, had to take him despite his age. Hayward I wasn’t thrilled to get, but he fit what I was going for from the spot and I felt was best available there. He does a bit of everything.
After that, I went for some real upside guys, players that can really outplay their draft positions. With a solid core of three guys if any of these guys show up I can be deadly. LaVine is exciting and if you ever watch the games he has that “attitude”. He wants to dominate, he wants to crush you, reminds me a lot of the way Westbrook plays. If he can even get close that’s huge, but also, a dream, given he’s not even the current starting PG.
Beal/Gordon are my injury elite plays. Every year they seem to go out. But when they play, they are elite players. Big question marks, but very talented.
After that filled out the rest of the team with youth, production and role players. With a pretty young core I needed more in case I don’t come out of the gate guns blazing. Was super happy to get Pope so late, Collison is just a solid damn player that doesn’t seem to get any respect, Muhammad an offensive freak that doesn’t do a lot else buried on a deep team, Nance Jr could finally get a chance to shine.
Then my fill guys Davis, McConnell, and Pat Pat. I hope to be fighting in the playoffs year after year.

Kawhi me a River – Rookie Draft Slot 1.17

From a rival GM: This is a team that looks very similar to a team that I would draft, in fact, it seemed like he was constantly sniping the guys I wanted just a few picks before I was up in each round.
He has a definite big four with Isaiah Thomas, Demar DeRozan, Kawhi Leonard, and Thaddeus Young. He supported those four with high-upside players like Jordan Clarkson, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. He also snagged one of my favorite targets in Bismarck Biyambo. You might have to wait a year, but he’s got a chance to make a Whiteside-type of impact in blocks and rebounding as he comes into his prime. Could be one of next year’s biggest surprises.
Past that, he grabbed Ian Mahinmi who is an interesting free agent, Terrence Ross who’s played surprisingly well down the stretch, J.J. Barea, an oldie but goodie, and then Jerami Grant (dude is a freak physically) and Jon Leuer.
He won’t be picking until late in the rookie draft (17th), so he’s another team that might benefit from looking to move this pick for a win-now guy with the way the rest of his roster is set-up currently. He’s got star power at the top, and then he’s got some youthful upside in RJH, MKG, Clarkson and Biyambo, so he can afford to miss out on a rookie from this year’s class while trying to make a push this year.

Milwaukee Beers – Rookie Draft Slot 1.18 – This is my team (and team logo)

Thoughts from Jordan: I’ll start off by mentioning that I traded up to acquire another 1st round pick right off the bat. In a 20 team league, I think having star power is going to be a huge advantage, not only did I come away with Paul George in the 1st, I was able to couple him with Blake Griffin to put together one of the best 1-2 combos in this league.
After Grabbing those two I wasn’t on the clock again until the fourth round, where I traded up again, to grab Ricky Rubio and Rookie Draft slot 4. At the time, that gave me three premier fantasy options, and a draft pick to get Buddy Hield, Kris Dunn, or someone in that mold. I later traded the fourth pick for a player, and then again to end up with Marcus Smart and two 10th round picks, but that’s not important now.
I then had two picks in the sixth round and grabbed Avery Bradly and Clint Capela. Capela is one guy that is in line for a huge role increase next seasons, especially if Dwight Howard leaves.
I also had two 7th round picks due to a few other trades and decided this was the spot to take a few risks. I snagged Ish Smith and Joakim Noah. Both guys are risky due to being free agents, but I’m hoping they land in a spot to really help out their fantasy game this offseason. Noah could be a Comeback Player of the Year type guy next season, so to get him this late was a huge win for me.
After those two picks, I was off the clock until my four picks came around in the 10th round. I went to work here, grabbing Wilson Chandler, Lou Williams, Festus Ezili and Kelly Oubre Jr. At this point, Lou is what he is, and that’s a scorer, shooter, FT% monster, and will get me a few steals. Chandler, Ezili and Oubre all fit the mold of guys I think will take huge steps forward in production next season.
With my last pick, I grabbed rookie draft pick 18, which sucks considering at one point I held the 4th pick, but with the way everything shook out I wouldn’t change it. I’m basically treating Marcus Smart and Kelly Oubre as my youth projects.
All in all, I’m extremely happy with this team. If everything plays out how I think it will, this is a team with a championship ceiling, but I still have enough youth (Average age ~~25) that I won’t have to completely blow it up if things don’t work out right away.

Cookies and Kareem – Rookie Draft Slot 1.19

From a rival GM: As strange as it is to say, Michael Carter-Williams and Joel Embiid are the keys to success on the Cookies and Kareem squad. Andrew Wiggins has a very good shot at being one of the better wing players in the league 2-4 years and Whiteside is already an amazing contributor on the boards and blocks. However, the upside of this squad depends on whether or not MCW and Embiid can live up to their potential.
MCW was the Rookie of the Year 3 years ago and has now statistically regressed each season. With the emergence of point Giannis, MCW’s role on the Bucks is in flux. It doesn’t help that his inability to spread the floor makes him a difficult player to employ off-ball.
Joel Embiid has had all sorts of health issues, coupled with rumors of poor attitude and general apathy towards his recovery. I watched him play at Kansas and I truly believe he is capable of superstardom. Cookies and Kareem will rise or fall with him, particularly.
Other players like Markieff Morris, Evan Turner, and Kenneth Faried will be very good contributors. Markieff Morris is going to have a big bounce back year in Washington and both Turner and Faried have proven that they can put up big numbers. Particularly Faried will be much better outside of the Brian Shaw regime.
Cookies and Kareem was swinging for the fences when he drafted this team. There are equal chances at massive flameout-level-failure as there are at a championship in a few years. With assets like Wiggins and Whiteside, Cookies and Kareem can really afford to take this team in any direction he wants. In the meantime, I think the team will struggle for a few years while the other key players develop.

Tijuana Trash – Rookie Draft Slot 1.20

From a rival GM: 
Round 1-Kevin Durant
An absolute monster at pick 6.  Taking KD gives you all kinds of ways to go with the rest of your draft.  Does absolutely everything well.  I can’t believe he lasted until the 6th pick.  No doubt this owner was very happy to have him still on the board.
Round 2-Kevin Love
Great pick for out of position 3s.  Shoots free throws at a great percentage and gets to the line more often than people realize.  I think they have finally figured out how to use him in Cleveland, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he takes a small step forward next season.  He has it in him to kill your FG%, but the out of position 3s and high rebound rate make him a great fantasy asset.
Round 3- Nerlons Noel-
Great source of blocks and steals. Still young.  Philly needs to figure out what they are doing with their front court and they might have to move someone.  He played much better once Okafor went down with an injury, and Noel is still working on his offensive game.  While he finds his offense, his defense is always there, and he will be an elite source of blocks, steals, and boards for the future.
Round 4- Rajon Rondo
The first guard drafted for this squad.  Assists leader last season who is also elite in steals.  He improved his three-point shooting last year to a respectable number, which brought his FG% up some.  He still can kill your FT% if he gets to the line too much as he only shoots about 60% from the stripe.  A lot of his value is going to be dependent on where he signs.  I’m not sure of his fit on this team, which seems to be punting assists, but his steals will be a big plus. Hopefully, he doesn’t kill shooting percentages.
Round 5- Chandler Parsons
Started slow as he recovered from injury last season, but came on to have a huge second half.  He adds even more 3-point shooting to a team that already has KD and Love.  Would like to see him shoot free throws at a better percentage, but KDs ultra efficient numbers can make up for shortcomings in this area.
Round 6- Dwayne Wade
Still producing at a high level but for how long?  Doesn’t shoot 3s but contributes everywhere else.  At 34, he’s probably almost done, but while he is on the court he still puts up stats.  A good fit for this team as someone who still puts up well-rounded stats.
Round 7- Robin Lopez
Very solid but unspectacular center.  Really good fit on this team as a big who won’t kill your FT%.
Round 8- John Henson
The block specialist.  Minutes are always a struggle with Jason Kidd as the coach, but you can’t argue with his per minute production.  For a team that is trying to find some blocks he is a great fit.
Round 9- Terrance Jones
This guy just never seems to be able to stay on the court.  When he is healthy, he has contributed, but those times have been few and far between.
Rest of the draft- DJ Augustin, Meyers Leonard, Tim Duncan, Ersan Ilyasova, Draft slot 20
Augustin- Will need to find a good situation this offseason.   Will be a solid backup PG for whoever he signs with.  Only the 2nd pg and 3rd guard on this roster.
Leonard- Going to be coming off shoulder surgery.   Will continue to see minutes in the 20s off the bench.  Good out of position 3s and solid rebounding rate.
Duncan- This season might be it for the big fundamental.  Duncan is finally starting to look his age against the athletic bigs of OKC. If he plays another season it will be full of “DNP-old” games courtesy of Pop.
Ersan Ilyasova- Good source of boards and 3s this late in the draft.  Fits the mold of a lot of what this team has drafted.
Overall thoughts-
Individually I like many of these picks, but I’m not sure how they fit together.  I don’t know if this was by design, but this team only has 3 guards, none of which have dual position eligibility.  There are going to be a lot of days where this roster how it stands will not be able to fill all positions.  This team is also stuck with the 20th pick in the rookie draft, so guard help might not be there.  This team looks to be punting assists, so Rajon Rondo in the 4th round does not make much sense.  His value to this team will depend solely on his ability to get steals.  He might also drag the shooting percentages down too far to even justify his production in steals.  This team is interesting, and I’d like to hear the owners plans for the future, because, in my opinion, this roster will need to make changes before the season starts in order to be competitive.

# 3 – Round-by- Round Review

Round 1
Pick 1: California Wild – Karl-Anthony Towns
Pick 2: The Water Bed – Giannis Antetekounmpo
Pick 3: Tune Squad Steph Curry
Pick 4: Kawhi me a River – Kawhi Leonard
Pick 5: Island Sunshine – James Harden
Pick 6: Tijuana Trash – Andre Drummond
Pick 7: We are Championship – Kevin Durant
Pick 8: Team Kuhina – Russell Westbrook
Pick 9: Cardiff Giant – Demarcus Cousins
Pick 10: White Mambas – Anthony Davis
Pick 11: Milwaukee Beers (Commish) Paul George
Pick 12: laclips1990 Damian Lillard
Pick 13: Carpe Diem Kristaps Porzingis
Pick 14: Cardiff Giant John Wall
Pick 15: White Bluffs Growlers Draymond Green
Pick 16: Cookies and Kareem Hassan Whiteside
Pick 17: Milwaukee Beers (Commish) Blake Griffin
Pick 18: Missouri Flood Lebron James
Pick 19: Better Call Gasol Rookie draft slot one (1.01, 2.01, 3.01)
Pick 20: Pup-N-Suds Jimmy Butler

Round 2
Pick 1: Pup-N-Suds Kemba Walker
Pick 2: Better Call Gasol – Klay Thompson
Pick 3: Missouri Flood Chris Paul
Pick 4: dynasty king DeAndre Jordan
Pick 5: Cookies and Kareem Andrew Wiggins
Pick 6: White Bluffs Growlers Victor Oladipo
Pick 7: Minnesota Gophers Nikola Jokic
Pick 8: Carpe Diem Kyrie Irving
Pick 9: laclips1990 Rudy Gobert
Pick 10: dynasty king CJ McCollum
Pick 11: White Mambas Khris Middleton
Pick 12: Minnesota Gophers Rookie draft slot 2
Pick 13: Team Kuhina – Nikola Vucevic
Pick 14: We are Championship Reggie Jackson
Pick 15: Tijuana Kevin Love
Pick 16: Island Sunshine Derrick Favors
Pick 17: Kawhi Me a River Isaiah Thomas
Pick 18: Tune Squad Eric Bledsoe
Pick 19: thewaterbed Devin Booker
Pick 20 California Wild Paul Millsap

Round 3
Pick 1: California Wild – Gordon Hayward
Pick 2: the waterbed -Tobias Harris
Pick 3: Tune Squad – Myles Turner
Pick 4: Kawhi me a River – Demar Derozan
Pick 5: Island Sunshine – Kyle Lowry
Pick 6: Tijuana Trash – Nerlens Noel
Pick 7: We are Championship – Aaron Gordon
Pick 8:  Team Kuhina – Jrue Holiday
Pick 9: Minnesota Gophers – D’Angelo Russell
Pick 10: White Mambas – Lamarcus Aldridge
Pick 11: dynasty king – Jabari Parker
Pick 12: laclips1990 – Al Horford
Pick 13: Carpe Diem – Brook Lopez
Pick 14: Minnesota Gophers – Emmanuel Mudiay
Pick 15: White Bluffs Growlers – Jonas Valanciunas
Pick 16: Cookies and Kareem – Joel Embiid
Pick 17: Dynasty King – Serge Ibaka
Pick 18: Missouri Flood – Nicolas Batum
Pick 19: Better Call Gasol – Jahlil Okafor
Pick 20: Pup-N-Suds – Julius Randle

Round 4
Pick 1: Pup-N-Suds – Jae Crowder
Pick 2: Better fall Gasol- Brandon knight.
Pick 3: Missouri food – Carmelo Anthony
Pick 4: Milwaukee Beers (Commish) Ricky Rubio
Pick 5: Cookies and Kareem – Michael Carter-Williams
Pick 6: White Bluffs Growlers -Gorgui Dieng
Pick 7: Minnesota Gophers – Justice Winslow
Pick 8: Carpe Diem – Rookie Draft Slot 3
Pick 9: laclips1990 – Rudy Gay
Pick 10: Dynasty King- Jeff Teague
Pick 11: White Mambas – Niko Mirotic
Pick 12: Cardiff Giant – Rodney Hood
Pick 13: Team Kuhina – Greg Monroe
Pick 14: We are Championship – Elfrid Payton
Pick 15: Tijuana Trash -Rajon Rondo
Pick 16: Island Sunshine – Mike Conley
Pick 17: Kawhi Me a river – Thad Young
Pick 18: Tune Squad – Kent Bazemore
Pick 19: Milwaukee Beers (Commish) – Rookie draft pick 4
Pick 20 California Wild- Zach Lavine

Round 5
Pick 1: California Wild – Bradley Beal
Pick 2: the waterbed – Enes Kanter
Pick 3: Tune Squad – Dennis Schroeder
Pick 4: Kawhi me a river – Jordan Clarkson
Pick 5: Island Sunshine – Chris Bosh
Pick 6: Tijuana Trash – Chandler Parsons
Pick 7: We are Championship – Goran Dragic
Pick 8: Team Kuhina – Danilo Gallinari
Pick 9: Cardiff Giant – Otto Porter JR
Pick 10: White Mambas – Robert Covington
Pick 11: Dynasty King – Dwight Howard
Pick 12: laclips1990 – Evan Fournier
Pick 13: Carpe Diem – Cam Payne
Pick 14: Minnesota Gophers – Gary Harris
Pick 15: White Bluffs Growlers – mason plumlee
Pick 16: Cookies and Kareem – Kenneth Faried
Pick 17: thewaterbed – Alex Len
Pick 18: Missouri flood – Pau Gasol
Pick 19: foxdashman – Harrison Barnes
Pick 20: Pup-N-Suds – Marc Gasol

Round 6
Pick 1: Pup-N-Suds – Will Barton
Pick 2: foxdashman – Dante Exum
Pick 3: Missouri Flood – Marcin Gortat
Pick 4: Milwaukee Beers (Commish) – Avery Bradley
Pick 5: Cookies Kareem – Evan Turner
Pick 6: White Bluffs Growlers – Rookie slot 5
Pick 7: Cardiff Giant – Stanley Johnson
Pick 8: Carpe Diem – Jusuf Nurkic
Pick 9: laclips1990- D rose
Pick 10: Milwaukee Beers (Commish) – Clint Capela
Pick 11: White Mambas – Jerian Grant
Pick 12: Cardiff Giant -Marcus Smart
Pick 13: Minnesota Gophers – Bobby Portis
Pick 14: We are Championship – Mirza Teletovic
Pick 15: Tijuana Trash – Dwayne Wade
Pick 16: Island Sunshine – Rookie Draft Slot 6
Pick 17: Kawhi me a river – Michael Kidd-Gilchrest
Pick 18: Tune Squad – Willie Cauley-Stein
Pick 19: the waterbed – Rookie draft slot 7
Pick 20 California Wild – KCP

Round 7
Pick 1: California Wild – Darren Collison
Pick 2: the waterbed – Tyreke Evans
Pick 3: Tune Squad – Norman Powell
Pick 4: Kawhi me a River – Rondae Hollis-Jefferson
Pick 5: Island Sunshine – Monta Ellis
Pick 6: Tijuana Trash – Robin Lopez
Pick 7: We are Championship – Tristan Thompson
Pick 8: Team Kuhina – Ryan Anderson
Pick 9: Cardiff Giant – Trevor Ariza
Pick 10: White Mambas – Josh Richardson
Pick 11: Better Call Gasol – Mario Hezonja
Pick 12: laclips1990 – Al Jefferson
Pick 13: Carpe Diem – Kelly Olynk
Pick 14: Milwaukee Beers (Commish) – Ish Smith
Pick 15: White Bluffs Growlers – Dirk Nowitzki
Pick 16: Cookies and Kareem – Markieff Morris
Pick 17: Milwaukee Beers (Commish) – Joakim Noah
Pick 18: Missouri Flood – Deron Williams
Pick 19: Better Call Gasol – Steven Adams
Pick 20: Pup-N-Suds – George Hill

Round 8
Pick 1: Pup-N-Suds – 8th Rookie Draft Slot
Pick 2: foxdashman – Marcus Morris
Pick 3: Missouri floods – JJ Reddick
Pick 4: the waterbed – Bruno Caboclo
Pick 5: cookies and Kareem – Lance Stephenson
Pick 6: White Bluffs Growlers – Marvin Williams
Pick 7: Minnesota Gophers – Jared Sullinger
Pick 8: Carpe Diem – Moe Harkless
Pick 9: laclips1990 – Wes Mathews
Pick 10: Team Kuhina – Jamychal Green
Pick 11: White Mambas – Cole Aldrich
Pick 12: Cardiff Giant – Al-Farouq Aminu
Pick 13: Team Kuhina – Justin Anderson
Pick 14: We are Championship – PJ Tucker
Pick 15: Tijuana Trash – John Henson
Pick 16: Island Sunshine – Demarre Carroll
Pick 17: Kawhi me a River – Bismack Biyombo
Pick 18: Tune Squad – Rookie draft slot 9
Pick 19: the waterbed – Jeremy Lin
Pick 20 California Wild – Eric Gordon

Round 9
Pick 1: California Wild- Larry Nance Jr
Pick 2:Team Kuhina – TJ Warren
Pick 3: Tune Squad – Trey Lyles
Pick 4: Kawhi me a River – Jeremi Grant
Pick 5: Island Sunshine – Patrick Beverly
Pick 6: Tijuana Trash – Terrance Jones
Pick 7: We are Championship – Dwight Powell
Pick 8: foxdashman – Frank Kaminsky
Pick 9: Minnesota Gophers – Tyus Jones
Pick 10: White Mambas – Kyle Anderson
Pick 11: Dynasty King – Danny Green
Pick 12: laclips1990 – Zach Randolph
Pick 13: Carpe Diem – Joseph Young
Pick 14: foxdashman – Brandon Jennings
Pick 15: White Bluffs Growlers – Cody Zeller
Pick 16: Cookies and Kareem – Tim Frazier
Pick 17: the waterbed – Terry Rozier
Pick 18: Missouri Flood – Alec Burks
Pick 19: foxdashman – Doug McDermott
Pick 20: Pup-N-Suds – Taj Gibson

Round 10
Pick 1: Pup-N-Suds – Omri Casspi
Pick 2: foxdashman – Ben McLemore
Pick 3: Missouri flood – Rookie Draft slot 10
Pick 4: Milwaukee Beers (Commish) – Wilson Chandler
Pick 5: Cookies and Kareem – Shaun Livingston
Pick 6: WB Growlers – Seth Curry
Pick 7: Milwaukee Beers (Commish) – Lou Williams
Pick 8: Carpe Diem – Luol Deng
Pick 9: laclips1990 – Joe Johnson
Pick 10: Dynasty King – Shane Larkin
Pick 11: White Mambas – Kevon Looney
Pick 12: Milwaukee Beers (Commish) – Festus Ezili
Pick 13: Team Kuhina – Langston Galloway
Pick 14: We are Championship – Austin Rivers
Pick 15: Tijuana Trash – DJ Augustine
Pick 16: Island Sunshine – Donatas Motiejunas
Pick 17: Kawhi me a River – Terrence Ross
Pick 18: Tune Squad – Jeremy Lamb
Pick 19: Milwaukee Beers (Commish) – Kelly Oubre Jr.
Pick 20 California Wild – Ed Davis

Round 11
Pick 1: California Wild – Shabazz Muhammed
Pick 2: the waterbed – Jordan Mickey
Pick 3: Tune Squad – Andrew Bogut
Pick 4: Kawhi me a River – Ian Mahinmi
Pick 5: Island Sunshine – Bojan Bogdanovic
Pick 6: Tijuana Trash – Meyers Leonard
Pick 7: We are Championship – Rookie Pick 11
Pick 8: Minnesota Gophers – Chris McCullough
Pick 9: Cardiff Giant – Amir Johnson
Pick 10: White Mambas – Nemanja Bjelica
Pick 11: Dynasty King – rookie pick 12
Pick 12: laclips1990 – rookie pick 13
Pick 13: Carpe Diem – Tony Parker
Pick 14: Minnesota Gophers – Allen Crabbe
Pick 15: White Bluffs Growlers – Shelvin Mack
Pick 16: Cookie and Kareem – Ty Lawson
Pick 17: Cardiff Giant – Timofey Mozgov
Pick 18: Missouri Flood – Jarrett Jack
Pick 19: Dynasty King – Thomas Robinson
Pick 20: Pup-N-Suds – Tony Wroten

Round 12
Pick 1: Pup-N-Suds – Boban Marjanovic
Pick 2: Team Kuhina – Derrick Williams
Pick 3: Missouri Flood – Arron Afflalo
Pick 4: Cardiff Giant – Matthew Dellavedova
Pick 5: Cookies & Kareem – Brandan Wright
Pick 6: White Bluff Growlers – James Ennis
Pick 7: Minnesota Gophers – Cory Joseph
Pick 8: Carpe Diem – JR Smith
Pick 9: laclips1990 – Jamal Crawford
Pick 10: Dynasty King – Tyson Chandler
Pick 11: White Mambas – rookie pick 14
Pick 12: Cardiff Giant – rookie pick 15
Pick 13: Team Kuhina – Nik Stauskas
Pick 14: We are Championship – Marreese Speights
Pick 15: Tijuana Trash – Tim Duncan
Pick 16: Island Sunshine – K.J. McDaniels
Pick 17: Kawhi Me A River – JJ Barea
Pick 18: Tune Squad – Patty Mills
Pick 19: thewaterbed – Michael Beasley
Pick 20 California Wild – TJ McConnel

Round 13
Pick 1: California Wild – Rookie Pick 16
Pick 2: the waterbed – Tim Hardaway Jr.
Pick 3: Tune Squad – Roy Hibbert
Pick 4: Kawhi me a river – Rookie Pick 17
Pick 5: Island Sunshine – Zaza Pachulia
Pick 6: Tijuana Trash – Ersan Ilyasova
Pick 7: We are Championship – Andre Roberson
Pick 8: Team Kuhina – Noah Vonleh
Pick 9: Cardiff Giant – Matt Barnes
Pick 10: White Mambas – Kyle Korver
Pick 11: Dynasty King – Jeff Green
Pick 12: laclips1990 – Jordan Hill
Pick 13: Carpe Diem – Sam Dekker
Pick 14: Minnesota Gophers – Walter Tavares
Pick 15: White Bluffs Growlers – Sean Kilpatrick
Pick 16: Cookie and Kareem – Andre Iguodala
Pick 17: Milwaukee Beers (Commish) – Dion Waiters
Pick 18: Missouri Flood – Ramon Sessions
Pick 19: Dynasty King – Alexis Ajinca
Pick 20: Pup-N-Suds – Trey Burke

Round 14
Pick 1: Pup-N-Suds – CJ Miles
Pick 2: Better Call Gasol – Markel Brown
Pick 3: Missouri Flood – Kosta Koufos
Pick 4: Milwaukee Beers (Commish) – Rookie Draft Pick 18
Pick 5: Cookies and Kareem – Rookie Draft pick 19
Pick 6: White Bluffs Growlers – Jerryd Bayless
Pick 7: Minnesota Gophers – Tyler Johnson
Pick 8: Carpe Diem – Salah Mejri
Pick 9: laclips1990 – Courtney lee
Pick 10: Dynasty King – Archie Goodwin
Pick 11: White Mambas – Willy Hernangomez
Pick 12: Cardiff Giant – Tyler Zeller
Pick 13: Team Kuhina – Henry Sims
Pick 14: We are Championship – Iman Shumpert
Pick 15: Tijuana Trash – Rookie Draft Pick 20
Pick 16: Island Sunshine – David Lee
Pick 17: Kawhi me a River – Jon Leuer
Pick 18: Tune Squad – Delon Wright
Pick 19: the waterbed – Andrew Harrison
Pick 20 California Wild – Patrick Patterson

#4 – Wild Draft Grades
Written by the owner of California Wild

Report Card
*A Sunshine
*A- Clips, Kawhi, Trash, Flood, Dynasty King
*B+ Wild, Cardiff, Carpe Diem, Tune Squad, Call Gasol
*B Beers, Kuhina, Gophers, Growlers
*B- Pup N Suds, Mambas, Waterbed, Cookies N Kareem
*C+ We are championship
Team Style: Strengths in FT, AST, STL, PTS
Players: Strong move up start to get two stars in George/Griffin. Rubio seems a great fit on this team’s strategy as it’s not dependent on shot percentage. Lacking in C eligible players, really needs Noah revival or Capela/Ezeli to start getting more minutes.
Grade: B – Team has a good mix of youth for dynasty and some great pieces to build upon. Definitely could be a playoff team. Need the GG combo to keep on rocking and Rubio to maintain his alpha status as a AST/STL guy. I like the team a lot, but is it enough to get to top 3?
We are championship
Team Style: FT punt, strengths in FG, REB, AST
Players: Bad Boys? Grabs two Detroit players to start in Drummon/Jackson. Gordon is an athletic huge upside play, robbed in the dunk contest, not sure how his on the court fantasy appeal will play out. Team has good rebounders and three point guards who can dish. Elfrid/Jackson need to step up their FG% to help this team out.
Grade: C+ – Team is young overall, but no high rookie draft pick. Really needs Jackson to maintain stardom (decent bet) and Elfrid to fix his shooting (not so sure). Drummond was taken too early in my opinion and not followed up with traditional FT punt players. Some trades could easily change this team to a much stronger one though.
Team Style: Slight punt to AST, strengths in 3PM, STL, PTS
Players: Went for the Dynasty darling KAT, needs him to improve on an already great rookie season for that to pay off right away. Took ol reliable Milsap then a bunch of youth/upside plays in Beal, Hayward, Pope, E Gordon, Lavine. Should be competitive in most cats most weeks. Lacks true point guards. Has two big injury risks guys that always seem hurt.
Grade: B+ – I’m sure I am biased since this is my team, but I felt I got players I wanted in most spots. I went pretty young, so IF this team is good or improves over the next few years it will be good for quite a while. If it doesn’t work out I can trade some pieces to try improve my young core for the seasons to come.
Team Style: Punt BLK, pretty good in everything else
Players: Got Bestbrook which was pretty awesome and some young bigs in Vuce and Monroe. Needs Ryno to keep bombing 3s. Very top heavy team, might have some issues with depth in accumulating weekly stats, but the top players are very strong. Also grabbed rookie slot 4, so that should be a very nice development piece or a trade for a player he wants.
Grade: B – Got value where he picked Westbrook and surrounded with some real nice pieces. Should be able to compete in most cats as long as westy is playing. Not a lot of weaknesses and has a lot of youth so looking for improvements. Having early rookie pan out will help a lot (or if he trades for another piece).
Pup n Suds
Team Style: punt FG, low AST, strong 3PM, REB, PTS
Players: Butler starts off a young core including Walker, Randle, Crowder. Oldie but goodie Marc Gasol grabbed at a value price as is Gibson. Team lacks that one top super star to carry it unless Butler or Walker make another leap.
Grade: B- – Got some great pieces, needs them to improve over the next few seasons. Randle could be a huge wildcard in this teams short term future. Might surprise depending on the butler and walker.
Hames (clips)
Team Style: light on STL, AST, strong 3PM, PTS
Players: I’m pretty low on Gobert but wow, sweet team built around Dame anyway. Grabbed up Horford and Gay. Mixed in upside with Fournier and Rose. Got some steady vet action with Wes, Jefferson, Johnson, Zbo, Crawford. I really like this team.
Grade: A- – My first passed out A, nice job! Team has a good mix of young and old, needs to remain relevant by shedding those vets over the years. If Gobert actually learns to play offense at all or make a few more FT that improves this team even more. No real glaring strengths or weaknesses, might be too balanced if you know what I mean.
Team Style: punt FG, TO, strong 3PT, PTS, STL
Players: When I looked over this team again I was like wow, Boogie and Wall. How did that happen? That being said this owner also scooped up up and coming Hood, Aminu, Porter Jr, and Stanley Johnson. Pretty exciting team. Overall depth could be an issue for this team and they need Hood to remain relevant but I think they have a very good squad. Not a ton of room for error tho with weak %s.
Grade: B+ – I wanted to get them to the A range as well, but I think their weaknesses are a bit too weak and pretty much all their assists are tied to Wall. It’s a fun young team to have though for sure. If Stanley can take the leap and Ariza/Barnes keep on ticking should be competitive next year.
Team Style: punt AST, weak PTS, Strong 3PT, above average everywhere else
Players: Got a super bargain on the brow so late in the first round. Really like the top players on the team getting Middleton and LMA. Nice upside plays with Mirotic, Grant, Anderson could pay off at some point. This team will go where the brow will take them, looks to me to possibly be a year out from competing unless Davis goes off. Needs more depth and development from some of the guys and Middleton to keep up his elite status from last season.
Grade: B- – Interesting team. Definitely could surprise people. Davis could be the steal of the draft. LMA is an underrated beast. Question marks at Middleton, Mirotic and the rest of the crew could wildly swing this teams fortunes.
Team Style: punt AST, light REB, Strong PTS, STL, %s
Players: This is a really good team and a smart owner. I thought they drafted well despite my opinion that Kawhi was selected too early. No doubt he’s elite, but man the talent left on the table. Still, the team name had Kawhi in it already lol, and he is a great building block. Filling out the roster with talent like IT3, DeRozan, Thad, Clarkson is pretty impressive. Getting some upside plays with MKG and RHK (if only he could have gotten pope to add to his dash name players). Ross is an awesome insurance policy to DeRozan or if DeRozan is traded he gets a value bump. Good solid vets in Mahinmi, Barea, Leur and great sleeper pick in Grant (sweet blocks especially).
Grade: A- – If this team trades for a better Center watch out. Very solid team, looks kind of scary on paper to me. It’s kind of like the spurs, nothing jumps out at you but they just win. I think this team will be doing the same with top to bottom solid picks that produce. Needs IT3 to remain a force and could take off if Clarkson gets better with Kobes gone.
Team Style: punt FT, strong everywhere else
Players: Stole Durant in the first round and built a stud team around him. Team has a chance to win at nearly every cat on a week to week basis. Love crushing REB and 3PT, Noel grabbing the defensive stats, Rondo bossing AST. Great role player pickups in Lopez and Parsons and let’s not forget Wade when he plays is still putting up elite stats. Bench is thin, and depth might be the only thing that stops the Trash. Could use a Jones step up and Henson to actually play minutes.
Grade: A- – I hesitate to give anyone a straight up A I guess. I really love this team’s chances but I bumped it down slightly on depth. Needs to make a decent run next year to make good use of the Wade pick, Duncan may not even play next year. Strong, fairly young core.
Team Style: light everything (just kidding), stats are spread around <young team>
Players: This is a true futures dynasty team. Almost exclusive youth and upside. Jokic could be amazing, as can Mudiay, Russell, Winslow, Portis. But could is the key word. This team also has rookie spot 2, so another great and talented upside player there. That being said I can’t imagine this team isn’t a few years from competing, would need some pretty large leaps to get there next season. Overall though, I like what they did, built something that we might look back on in a few years and be like wow, this team is stacked.
Grade: B – Although I don’t think this team will get to the playoffs next year, they went with a vision and built towards the future. They have a ton of great, young options. If these guys grow into great players the team can be very good. Should have at least some of them hit and use them or trade them for other pieces.
Team Style: punt STL, BLK, competitive in other cats
Players: This is the owner who rolled the dice large on youth and ceiling and took FREAK. Wow. I love me some freak, but this was big juevos I thought. Like me he needs his youngling to shine big for the spot in which he took him. Decent bet tho. The rest of his roster is filled with young upside players. Particularly nice future grab in booker. And solid players in Evans, Harris, Len and Kanter. Overall he lacks players who add much defensively though besides freak, so that might need to be addressed if he’s not competing.
Grade B- – This will be another team I think might take a season or so to get going. A bit too early to get freak with studs on the board for me but you have to go out and get your player if you want them. Could be easily saying it was a great pick by the end of next year. The rest of the roster lacks stocks so this team will rely on %s more than some others.
Team Style: destroy the world with vets, only weak cat BLK
Players: This guy preyed on the league going for youth and dynasty dreams. James lasted so long, as did CP3 and Melo. Batum has a great all around game, and good role players in Reddick, Gasol, Gortot. Obviously this team has a chance to break down given the age but its definitely not a team I want to be playing against next season or two as it should be very, very good. James, Paul and Anthony have at least 3 all star seasons left in them, are we really going to care how old they are when he makes the playoffs three years in a row?
Grade A- – Again hard to call anything perfect so I gave the minus. Williams is not someone I’m high on and the rest of the bench is just ok. I think he’ll get by but I probably would have went with some of the other options after he got his first 4. Draft and moves will determine the outcomes but I can’t see this team not competing and competing well for a few years or more.
Team Style: punt FG, BLK, strong FT, 3PM, STL, PTS, AST
Players: Got Beard? Followed him up with great complimentary players. Lowry, Carroll, Favors, Conley, Ellis, Zaza. This is a pretty stacked team, oh, and they still got 6th rookie pick. Just about the only thing not to like is the Bosh wildcard pick, will he come back next year, will he keep playing well if he does? Amazingly even if that doesn’t pan out the team is strong.
Grade A – Ahh what the hell, I’ll give them an A. You’re going to have to beat this team in one of their strong cats to take the week from them and they are pretty strong cats. I love how they still got rookie 6 out of the deal as that is still early enough to get another potential great piece.
Carp Diem
Team Style: punt STL, light REB, strong FG, FT, 3PT
Players: Zinger and Irving serve as a really nice young duo of stars to build this team around. To compliment them add in Brolo and the 3rd pick in the rookie draft. After that there is a mix of vets and upside plays. Parker/Deng/Smith look to keep the team anchored. Nurkic, Payne, Olynk, Young to give the team some future gains.
Grade B+ – There is some volatility here in what Zinger and Irving will become. Both have shown great potential but both have had issues as well. Irving has played enough to show hes the real deal, but has had a lot of injuries too. BroLo is consistent and younger than you think. Needs a few of his upside plays to hit to be truly deadly but pretty solid dynasty team that can compete right away.
Tune Squad
Team Style: punt REB, strong FG, FT, 3PM, STL, PTS
Players: Looking at this team makes me wish I took Curry all over again  He’s going to win 3’s for you a lot of weeks solo. If Bledsoe comes back a top 40 player watch out. Love the Turner pick although it was early it looks like that might pay off. Great upside plays in Baze, Stein, Schroder.
Grade B+ – This team looks particularly vulnerable if Curry should falter any weeks but the same could be said about a lot of teams stars going down. I like the upside a lot but a few of his players might take another season to really come on strong. Should get carried to the playoffs by Curry anyway, how far he will go depending on the rest of his squads improvements.
Better Call Gasol
Team Style: youth movement 2.0, hard to rank cats
Players: Second full on youth team. This one has some exciting players in Knight, Barnes, Parker, Okafor, and Exum. Great young up and comers with potential in Kaminsky, Adams, Hezonja. Also has the first rookie pick.
Grade B+ – Gave slightly higher grade than the other youth dynasty team. I like this teams players a little better plus they have the first overall pick to choose who they want. Either way this team won’t likely compete next season but shouldn’t be long before its got a good shot for a good amount of time.
Team Style: punt PTS, rest super even, nothing dominant nothing weak
Players: Fitting for a team with Draymond, this team seems to do everything well. Oladipo, Dieng, Valanciunas complete a young core. Dirk for that vet presence and coaching, he can’t have much more left in the tank tho. Seth for that Curry magic upside haha. Growlers also get rookie pick 5 to complete the middling powers they generated this draft, should be a decent prospect there.
Grade B – This will be an interesting team to watch. Can a team with a legit shot at every category each night win more than it loses vs teams that are strong/weak in different cats? I like the young core here but I think this team needs a true star to carry it to the promised land.
Cookies N Kareem
Team Style: punt FT, strong REB, PTS
Players: Started the draft with two enigmas, Whiteside and Wiggins. Whiteside has been pretty awesome in FT, REB, and BLK so it would seem he could continue to carry those stats and Wiggins to provide the punch in PTS needed. Should Wiggins (finally) become a complete player which might happen with his new coach his value skyrockets. Lots of decent parts complete the team but no other stars. MCW, Faried, Markieff should be decent. Embiid has been burning teams for years, but maybe finally pays off?
Grade B- – Has a very high ceiling team as any team with Wiggins probably would. But can they get there. Will rely heavily on these two guys and whiteside absolutely cannot regress or switch teams and regress (of course he could switch and improve hehe). Would have liked to see another shot blocker to solidify the cat, if whiteside has a bad week no one picks up the slack (Embiid hopefully???).
Dynasty King
Team Style: punt FT, strong FG, 3PT, REB, BLK
Players: Strong FT punt team should do very well pairing Deandre with Dwight. Added stud players in Thompson, McCollum, and Teague and steady guys like Ibaka and Chanlder. Hopes to get the good Danny Green to show up next year and has some decent prospects at other spots.
Grade A- – Dangerously strong team living up to the team name after the draft. Needs the Deandre and Dwight shows to continue on but I think he’s good there for a handful of years. Has Iblocka to back that up. Klay and McCollum bombing away and a vet at point guard. Should be playoff bound.