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FSAA site updates!


It is a new baseball season, and it is time to update our website!  Trying out the new blog posts as we are wanting to have more articles on the site.  I know Andrew said he wants to write, so hopefully we will have more articles on the site.  Also am trying out this embedded chat.  It is 50$ a month, so it is expensive, but the chat is the main thing this website has to offer, so I think it is worth it!  Let me know what you guys think.  We will try it out and see what the addicts feel and see if it is worth it!  I am also thinking of linking a pay pal donation button to the site, to help with the costs, since it costs us money to keep FSAA going.  We don’t make money and are doing this out of our addiction of fantasy sports.

Anyways let us know what you all think!



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  1. DynastyKing

    added a paypal donation account. So please donate and thank you! also I am hoping that the forum will still be used, just link on the forum tab in the menu. If you come by an nobody is here, just leave a quick forum post.

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