Trea Turner

Making a case for Trea Turner over Jose Altuve

Jose Altuve according to Yahoo Rankings has been the #1 fantasy player this season, and for good reason. His .346 average leads the American League and he has slugged 24 homers while stealing 31 bases as of 9/22/17, but is he a better player then Trea Turner? Let’s look at the stats.

The one thing Altuve easily triumphs over Turner in is batting average, no one in baseball, not even Trout can match Altuve’s ability to hit the baseball. Turner simply isn’t a .330 hitter. So give a point to Altuve here.

Power is virtually a tie, Trea Turner has only hit 10 home runs this season, the caveat? He has only had 380 at bats, so it only puts him a little behind pace on Altuve in the power department. Both players play in a good lineup, so runs scored and RBI chances are all but assured for both players.

The real differentiator is stolen bases. Jose Altuve has 31 stolen bases as mentioned above….. Trea Turner has 42 stolen bases. . . . in 184 less at bats. As Turner ages the power should only increase, and Washington certainly isn’t shy in letting Turner run. Turner is a first round player that will be under-drafted in 2018 just because of his injury. Add in Turner’s eligibility, and the case is shut and closed. Altuve will be drafted in the top 5 almost assuredly next year, but that honor should and for this writer will go to Trea Turner. The stats are there, and a full season from Turner will be exciting to watch.