October 13, 2015

The Best Fantasy Sports League Possible

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It doesn’t matter which sport you play, everyone wants to be in a great fantasy league; the best league possible. But what is “the best league possible”? It’s definitely not a standard public league. Public leagues are fine for what they are: profile filler, and minimal participation. These leagues are mediocre at best, and mediocre isn’t sufficient. What you’re seeking, is “The Best League Possible”! So if you want to be in the best league possible, you’re probably going to have to host it yourself. That’s right, you’re the commissioner. Congratulations, Mr./Ms. Commish! You have absolute power. With that, comes responsibility. The first thing you must decide is what type of league you want to be in: Rotisserie, Head-to-head, or some points-based variation thereof? Different styles of leagues will attract correspondingly different managerial pools to choose your members from. Next, which stats should you use for scoring? A common rookie