September 24, 2017

Are Steals a Stat from the Past?

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This year can be titled as the year “the home run year” or simply in fantasy terms, the year home runs stopped being valuable. Over fifty players this season have hit twenty-five or more home runs in 2017. That is an astronomical number. Of those players, thirty-four have hit over thirty bombs. So where does that leave the home run as a stat on fantasy terms? Suddenly, in the 1st round you see speed going. Blackmon, Altuve, Turner, Goldschmidt are all guys who may hit for some power, but the speed is the more valuable aspect of their game. This trend only seems to continue with guys like Judge and Bellinger coming up, adding more power to an already overloaded game. You don’t see guys with speed coming as much, there isn’t the “next Billy Hamilton” waiting in the minors. What does that mean for

Jose Altuve according to Yahoo Rankings has been the #1 fantasy player this season, and for good reason. His .346 average leads the American League and he has slugged 24 homers while stealing 31 bases as of 9/22/17, but is he a better player then Trea Turner? Let’s look at the stats. The one thing Altuve easily triumphs over Turner in is batting average, no one in baseball, not even Trout can match Altuve’s ability to hit the baseball. Turner simply isn’t a .330 hitter. So give a point to Altuve here. Power is virtually a tie, Trea Turner has only hit 10 home runs this season, the caveat? He has only had 380 at bats, so it only puts him a little behind pace on Altuve in the power department. Both players play in a good lineup, so runs scored and RBI chances

August 22, 2017

Updating FSAA

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Pardon the motherfucking dust!  Working on a few things around here.  Much love to those who’ve been patient.  I appreciate all of the support you’ve offered me lately.  And the shit talk from James!  😉  I think we’re gonna be okay here, we’ve got a thin candy shell.  I’m surprised you didn’t know that!

July 16, 2017

Fantasy Sports RAGEcast #5

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Apoplectic Tom from Fantasy Sports Addicts Anonymous goes berserk about Ryan; should Ryan be replaced?! Check out our website: Follow us on Twitter: Subscribe to our podcast: Buy a Shirt:

Transactional analysis 3 All-Star Break Style. -Nathan Longfield   ANNNND we’re back with another transactional analysis. Things were quiet for a while on the trade front but have picked up over the last few weeks so here we go again.   I’m sure the trades will keep coming in the next few weeks and I’ll try to keep up. Also hoping to review some of the other trades made earlier this year and write on the ones that look the oddest a few months later.   League of Evil  

Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB GB Previous Difference
1 JMoneySmooth 104-50-14 0.661 0 0 0
2 Springfield Isotopes 101-60-7 0.622 6.5 8.5 -2
3 Sports Team