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This All-Star break has brought us the highly anticipated debut of Tyler Glasnow. It brought us the debut of bats such as Josh Bell and Trea Turner. Andrew Benintendi of the Red Sox could be just around the corner. Last year was the year of the rookie pitcher. This year it seems it could be the year of the rookie hitter. Besides Fulmer, no rookie call up has pitched consistently for fantasy teams. These hitters, however, have a chance to make an immediate impact for your fantasy team. If you’re in a competitive league, (such as an FSAA league!) these prospects need to be owned before they are called up. So if all these guys are already owned, who should you be looking at?

  1. Alex Bregman SS– Chances are if the above guys are owned, Bregman will most certainly be owned, on the off chance he’s on your wire, snatch him up. In his recent call up to Triple A, Bregman is hitting .389 with 5 home runs and 14 RBIs in 8 games. He is currently the #8 prospect in baseball and has torn it up at every level, expect a callup before September if the Astros are in it.
  2. Yoan Moncada, 2B- Don’t expect Moncada until September, but he could make an impact for the fantasy baseball playoffs. Moncada has hit .316 for The Red Sox’s Double A/Triple A affiliates to go along with 40 steals.
  3. Orlando Arcia SS – Villar has so far blocked Arcia’s path in Milwaukee, but with Aaron Hill shipped off to Boston, Arcia has an opening. He has not posted eye popping numbers in the minors this year, but with steals so scarce, when he gets called up, he’s instantly start able in roto.

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  1. TraneSonic

    I have a good problem concerning two of the three players listed.

    20 team H2H 19 man roster, no UTL slot
    keep 9 major leaguers and 4 rookies protected until they lose rookie status (150 ab, 50 ip)
    Moncada is one of my 19 active, due to technicality
    Bregman fell to me at 18th overall in rookie portion of this spring’s draft

    I have Pedroia, Xander and Machado at 2B, SS and 3B right now

    I am in 1st looking to repeat title. Do I try to package Moncada and a young pitcher (Stroman, Fulmer, Eikhoff) for another ace and roll with Pedroia to the playoffs? Or is Moncada too special for what could be a deadline ace rental? I have Jose Fernandez and Price, in addition to the 3 youngsters.

    If Bregman reaches 150 then I have to make decision on him, too, looks like he will man the hot corner. Do I trade Manny for a Sale, Arrieta, Kershaw? My offense also includes Hosmer, Trout, Soler and Puig. Not bad for a 20 teamer! My point is, I think my line up could take a hit, if it puts my already strong staff up on another level.

    I always keep an eye towards the future, that’s why I aquired Yoan to eat up a bench spot all season. But having to pick between Pedroia, Xander, Machado, Moncada and Bregman to occupy 3 positions might drive me nuts. No UTL spot kills me. Hopefully Bregman doesn’t get 150 at bats and I retain him as a rookie, but it seems like he will get the call soon and lose protected rookie status.

    Can I get a Stovepipe?

    1. Andrew McClintock

      Wow, that is a stacked team for a 20 teamer! I know prospects are just prospects, but I think Moncada is way to valuable to package for a rental, I just could not do it myself. Flags fly forever, but obviously your team is good enough to be in 1st, I don’t think you have to package one of your top prospects to get a guy to help. I would trade Manny for Kershaw in a heartbeat, I don’t know about Sale or Arrieta.

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