The fantasy basketball draft part II

The fantasy basketball draft

part II – The End of Round 1

After the first day of drafting we were able through 11 picks.  After two more days of drafting we have made it almost through the 2nd round.  Day 1 or the first of half of round 1 has come and gone, and while there were some interesting picks nothing felt crazy or too much of a reach.  Here on day two and three we start to see some more reaches.  Some good values for veterans were definitely to be had as well.

Here is the end of round 1 –

Pick 12: laclips1990 Damian LillardLillard is a great point guard to build your dynasty team.  High turnovers and poor FG% are of concern, but elite stats otherwise.  He just is entering into his prime.

Pick 13: Carpe Diem Kristaps Porzingis – PorzinGOD at pick 13!  I was hoping to get him at pick 2.04 or 11 picks later, so I cannot call this too insane of a reach, exp for a dynasty team.  I felt there was too much talent to take him here though.

Pick 14: Team Aniston (cardiffgiant) John Wall – This was another traded pick.  The Minnesota Gophers traded his 1st, 6th, and 10th round picks to Team Aniston for his 2nd, 3rd, and 9th round picks.  This trade was very similar in structure as to the trade that The Commish and I made, but the gophers also traded a 10th round pick for a 9th round pick.  Like Lillard, Wall is another great young point guard that will help you starting a dynasty league.  I also really like pairing Boogie with Wall as both have a ton of turnovers.

Pick 15: White Bluffs Growlers Draymond Green – Draymond will give you a little bit of everything, a ton of assists out of your sf/pf spot, blocks and steals.  This pick gives him lots of options on how he can build his team.  I was really tempted to not trade the 11th pick and take him instead.

Pick 16: Cookies and Kareem Hassan Whiteside – It will be interesting to see where he ends up.  I personally think he is an overrated player, but his stats are great/elite for fantasy purposes.  I only feel like he is overrated in a sense that he does not play fundamentally sound basketball.  He sells out going for the block, so he finds himself out of position defensively and allows too many offensive rebounds, but I regress.

Pick 17: Milwaukee Beers (Commish) Blake Griffin – I thought this was a very interesting pick.  I thought he would have fallen a bit farther after his dismal season.  I understand this is a dynasty and actually enjoy watching the clips and Blake play.  So the Commish pairs Paul George with Blake Griffen.  A very good combo, but will it be enough to miss out on picking in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

Pick 18: Missouri Flood Lebron James LBJ at pick 18 is a great value.  Yes he is in his 30s and has logged a shit ton of minutes, but you can’t let Lebron fall any farther than 18.  Hopefully the flood can build a team of vets and kick this leagues ass, and that Bron Bron does not sit out too many games down the stretch.

Pick 19: Better Call Gasol Rookie draft slot one (1.01, 2.01, 3.01) – In this dynasty league managers are able to spend their pick on their draft slot for next seasons rookie draft.  Better Call Gasol decided immediately that he was going into the tank/rebuilding mode.  I was real curious to see how far the top pick would go for and that was pick 1.19.  This is not as outrages as it seems, cause I have seen first round talents traded for the number 1 or 2 pick in dynasty leagues.  Maybe it is the Towns effect, but I doubt that any rookie this next season is a 1st round pick his sophomore year.

Pick 20: Pup-N-Suds Jimmy Butler The last pick in the first round goes to Jimmy Butler.  A great pick here at 20th.  He only played 67 games last season, which seems like a troubling issue with him actually as he has only played in 82 games once in his 5 year career.  For the last 3 seasons he has played in 67, 65, and 67 games respectively.

That wraps up round 1.  As you would expect some good veterans either slipped or have not been drafted in the 1st round.  While some managers went with rookies/draft picks and got an early start to their rebuild, a temptation that is hard to avoid when drafting a dynasty team.  A lot of a manager’s strategy is dependent on varying factors.  First, what spot in the draft do you have?  Obviously, it does not make sense to draft a rebuild team with a Steph Curry pick.  Also your other managers have a big impact on your draft strategy.  Does the league over value rookies/youth?  Sometimes it is the best/easiest strategy to go with boring veterans and murder the league.  If there are more than 1 team doing a punting strategy, bigs may become a commodity.  Like I said in part 1.  I do not know any of the managers I am in this league with, but from the looks of round 1, there is a little bit of everything.

Round 2 is almost over.  I thought about updating this post to include all the picks that are currently drafting, but figured I would wait until the 2nd round is over and do a write up on the entire 2nd round.  If you are reading this without reading part 1, go back and read part 1, to see the picks for the early half of round 1.

Part 1.

The fantasy basketball draft


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  1. Jdballa

    Guess I’m new to dynasty but some of these picks are baffling to me. Not sure I’d ever consider wasting my first round pick on getting 1st slot in rookie draft. Too much talent still available. Horrible value IMO. Youth was served and there was great value to be had cause of it.

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