The fantasy basketball draft

The fantasy basketball draft

part 1

It’s never too soon or too late to draft a dynasty basketball team.  I am happy to say that I am currently drafting a 20 team, 9 category, head to head, dynasty, offline draft.  I am fortunate enough to be invited to participate in Jordan’s inaugural dynasty draft.  Jordan has a kick ass podcast, so if you get a chance check it out.

Drafting a fresh dynasty league is hard, throw in 20 managers, mix in the fact the draft is offline (slow as fuck), after the season is over, is just insane.  I don’t know any of the managers or their draft strategy.  I don’t know if people are going to be sold to last years rankings, how far they will reach.  It is tough.  So this draft is going to be fun, messy and brutal, but thats why I am excited.  I have never drafted any league much less a dynasty league after the season is over.  So that throws in a wrinkle and it will be interesting see which players fall and which players rise.

I have mixed feelings about doing offline drafts, if you never done one you should.  They are slow as fuck, but you get to know your fellow managers really well.  Every manager has 24 hours to make their pick, if the manager doesn’t make a pick in that 24 hours, the commish, aka Jordan will auto draft for them based off of ESPNs rankings.  Most likely a long in the tooth veteran player like Gasol.

Jordan did a randomized draft order and I ended up with the 11th pick.  Being in the middle is tricky as you have to go the way of the draft.  Having picks close to each other or wrap picks, you can build your team accordingly. When you have middle picks you don’t know who is going to be there when you are on the clock.  Even in the first round i didn’t know who was going to be there.  I was really hoping Karl Anthony Towns was going to still be there, but he wasn’t.  I figured i would be taking Giannis Antetokounmpo, he would surely be there.  Nope.  Well my failsafe was Drummond, fuck yeah I can do my punting team. I’m cool with that, but no Drummond was gone too.

Day one is over, we made it through eleven picks.  Not too bad, but you can see how long this draft is going to draw out, especially 20 teams.  The later rounds are going to be looooong and I am not looking forward to that.  I did a offline baseball dynasty 2nd year draft, and we couldn’t even get through that before we stopped and finished it off with a live draft.

Here is how the draft is looking currently after day one.

Pick 1: California Wild – Karl-Anthony Towns – KAT goes Number 1 Holy shit!  I can’t argue with that, but I would not have the balls to make that pick. 

Pick 2: thewaterbed – Giannis Antetekounmpo – The Greek Freak goes number 2.  I am a huge fan of the alphabet, and i was hoping to get him at 11.  I can say it is too high, but i won’t argue against either those picks.

Pick 3: Tune Squad Steph Curry – Finally two picks late.  Curry #1 nuff said.  Mic Drops.

Pick 4: Kawhi me a River – Kawhi Leonard – Kawhi goes to the manager whose team name was Kawhi me a River, love it.  Kawhi is a great dynasty pick.

Pick 5: Island Sunshine – James Harden – This is a 9 cat league, so Harden hurts TOs, but FEAR THE BEARD.  Also D-HO will/should be gone, so Harden should be full throttle.

Pick 6: Tijuana Trash – Andre Drummond – I’ll see you in hell Tijuana Trash.  How dare you take my dude.  3rd player that i was hoping to realistically get gone.  RUM HAM!  Still too soon, I don’t care if you want to do a punting strategy.

Pick 7: We are Championship – Kevin Durant – KD, it doesn’t matter where he ends up, he is back in the circle of trust.  But still no AD?  I tried to trade up here so i could draft AD, no luck.

Pick 8: Nick (Team Kahina) – Russel Westbrook – Sky is the limit especially if KD leaves OKC.  But still how do you pass on the BROW?

Pick 9: Team Aniston – Demarcus Cousins – Boogie?  fuck off Really?  I was actually in talks trying to trade for this pick!  Team Aniston wanted my 11th overall pick, and 4th round pick for his 9th overall pick and 8th round pick.  No way!  It is only 2 picks and this is a 20 team league.  As much as I wanted AD, that was too much.  The most i was willing to give to move up 2 spots was my 5th for his 4th.  It was two picks, but we couldn’t agree on a deal.  Then he picks fucking Boogie.

Pick 10: White Mambas – Anthony Davis – Finally.  The White Mambas wouldn’t trade him to me, he was happy to get him, can’t blame him.  Getting Uni-Brow with the 10th pick is a steal!  he would have been my pick at number two after Curry.  I know people are down on him because of his injuries, but I’m still buying.

Pick 11: Milwaukee Beers (Commish)- Paul George – da da da da da da!  Yes this was my pick, and yes i traded it, to Jordan.  I can’t argue with taking PG13 or trading up to get two first rd picks.  PG13 is a superstar.  Only 26, his injury was a fluke.  Percentages and turn overs remain troublesome.

Pick 12: laclips1990 – On the clock.

Pick 13: zkelley32

Pick 14: zach

Pick 15: trevorcrippen

Pick 16: zwayne

Pick 17: Milwaukee Beers (Commish)

Pick 18: Denver Pilots

Pick 19: Better Call Gasol

Pick 20: Pup-N-Suds

I traded picks 1.11 and 6.10 for his 2.04 and 3.17.  Basically i moved down 13 spots to pick up a late third rd pick.  In a 20 man league i feel this is huge!  JdBalla was on our website and actually suggested i try and move down.  I was bouncing ideas off of him trying to move up to get AD.  I ended up talking with Jordan and he offered the deal and I accepted.  Most of the time i will send a counter offer, just because I know that the first offer you see isn’t the max you can get.  What it comes down to is the fact that I didn’t love any of the players left.  I had the choice of PG13, Lebron, Cp3, Lillard, Wall, Klay, and Butler.  Plenty of options, but for a dynasty I’m not in love with any of these players.  They are either old, or have major deficiencies like high TOs and poor shooting %s. 

They are all 2nd tier superstars and I feel like I can get a really good player at the 24th pick still, obviously not as good as a Lebron or PG13, but I like it.  I am able to go depth rather than superstars, the opposite of Jordan.  Yes he is going to have two 1st round picks and will have the best 1 2 punch in the league.  After the 17 overall pick he is not picking again until pick 63.  I will have 4 players ranked in the top 57.  As long as i draft well i will do good. 

I am curious to see how this draft is going to go for me.  It is weird for me to trade down and not have a first rd pick, but I’m confidant that the two players i draft with Jordan’s picks will be better than Paul George and what he gets with my 6th rd pick.  Either way seems like a straight up deal.  Jordan instantly goes into win now mode, and I am thinking more long term trying to get cornerstones with upside.  I also have given myself flexibility trying to build a cohesive team.  There are players i covet with the 24th pick almost as much as the 11th pick.

I have a plan and a back up plan.  I either want to double down on defensive and do my punting strategy.  If my players i want all get drafted there could be some vets that fall to me, and I can do my own version of a Joe team, I feel like I can field a competitive team.  Or if that doesn’t work out i can reach and get young players with upside and build for a dynasty.  So many options, which is what i am looking forward to at this point in this draft. 

Ill do a couple more recaps and keep you posted on how this draft turns out.  Also let me know who i should take, or be around so i can bounce ideas off of everyone.  I have ideas, but it is helpful to bounce ideas off of other addicts.  After all that is what FSAA is all about.

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  1. Fantasy Gangsters

    YO idk if you can draft rookies but get simmion or ingram…….. with one your picks good recap and put myles turner, Stanly and Porzingus in you que and josh richardson there all going place mark my words GOOD LUCK

    1. DynastyKing

      yeah you can use one of your picks for next years rookie draft. someone already used a pick for the top pick. 2nd is still there, but ill probably not use a pick to get a draft pick. Porzingod is already gone. he didn’t last 24 picks, where i would have taken him. Turner i def plan on targeting. Stanley and josh richardson are good suggestions, i almost forgot about richardson he was huge

  2. PhenomWillie

    Sounds interesting man, pretty interested in who u end up with.

    1. DynastyKing

      thanks! it has been fun for sure! Ill do a couple of recaps as the draft goes along.

  3. Jdballa

    Good write-up man. Thanks for the mention. Think with the postions you traded to you have so much flexibility depending on who does eventually drop to you. Is weird drafting right in middle of playoffs but also extrememly interesting. Obviously I’m definetely interested on how this plays out. Hope you get players you really want buddy!

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