Transactional Breakdown

Hello. It’s Nathan here to talk about trades again. So obviously, this isn’t only a week or two after the last rendition, but hey, grad school keeps you busy. But that’s enough of real life, let’s get into the dynasty trades.


As with last time let’s start with League of Evil:


Standings updates:

Rank Team W-L-T PCT GB
1 JMoneySmooth 37-21-2 0.633
2 WOOT The Wayward Goth 35-21-4 0.617 1
3 Storybook Inning 34-24-2 0.583 3
4 Flash 33-24-3 0.575 3.5
5 War Bear 32-26-2 0.55 5
6 Sports Team 31-25-4 0.55 5
7 The Dors 31-29-0 0.517 7
8 Ahead of the Curve 27-27-6 0.5 8
9 Rebuild 2.0 27-28-5 0.492 8.5
10 Springfield Isotopes 28-29-3 0.492 8.5
11 Got The 2020 Vision 17-41-2 0.3 20
12 Bloody Sock 10-47-3 0.192 26.5



So these first couple of trades are all sort of linked. They ended up with Jmoney getting his desired Benintendi, but we’re going to break them down one by one.


Nathan (War Bear) acquires Sean Manaea (OAK, SP) and Andrew Benintendi (BOS, LF, CF) for Freddie Freeman (ATL, 1B) from Andrew (Rebuild 2.0)

So a month after this trade I can’t say that I feel the best about this deal, but I am ok with where the series of trades ended for me, and you can’t win them all. From one perspective sites like the Dynasty Guru (link) lists but Freeman at 28 and Benintendi at 37 on their top 500. Throw in Manaea and it’s a fine deal. Both Freeman and Beintendi have been good but honestly I haven’t benefitted the fruits of either. Part of my desire to get Benintendi was that I knew Jmoney wanted him and we were talking about some other options and I knew this would help. I think Andrew won this deal, but it worked out ok for me though.


Jmoney (JMoneySmooth) trades Vince Velasquez (PHI, SP) and Wellington Castillo (BAL, C),  to JD (Ahead of the Curve) for Jonathan Lucroy (TEX, C, 1B)

Ok, so Lucroy isn’t doing great this year, but he’s a good asset, especially for a contending team so I like this trade for Jmoney. Velasquez and Castillo are both decent assets. Velasquez still has a lot of upside and since Castillo was on the Cubs he’s always been intriguing so this could work out for JD just fine. Given the play of all 3 players this year this could be equal and we’ll just half to see how it plays out over the next few years. Jmoney in part also made this deal to clear up roster space and do a 2 for 1. Like I said, a lot of these are connected, just like the next two.


Nathan trades Andrew Benintendi (BOS, LF, CF), J.D. Martinez (DET, RF, DL), Rafael Devers (BOS, 3B, NA), and a 3rd round pick to Jmoney for Joey Votto (CIN, 1B), Yoan Moncada (CWS, 3B, NA), Tyler Glasnow, (PIT, SP) and a 5th round pick.

Whoooo trades. So Jmoney got two Red Sox players in Benintendi and Devers. He also got JD who, though still on the DL until this Friday, is another really good player. Devers has been killing it in the minors. And with the Red Sox having no third basemen we could see him sooner rather than later since Dembrowski doesn’t care about AAA. I got Votto, and I badly needed a 1B so this fills that hole, Moncada, who like Devers has been crushing it, just at AAA and should be up soon since the Sox have no reason (except service time and an unpredictable F.O.) to keep him down. Contact could be a problem for him, but still a huge prospect. And Glasnow is a solid starter who could be great (who I traded later) and the pick flip got the deal done so o well.


And the final piece of all these trades.


Nathan trades Tyler Glasnow (PIT, SP), Wade Davis (CHC, CL), Sean Manaea (OAK, SP, DL) to Cubby (Storybook Inning) for Carlos Carrasco (CLE, SP)

So this was me turning multiple pitchers into a top starter. I like Carrasco a lot and while Glasnow and Manaea both have huge upside, I’m contending and want to have another ace. Davis is a top closer, but he was my only closer and that doesn’t have as much value on my roster because its a league where saves and holds are both categories one closer only does so much. So Cubby got a nice haul in this deal and I got the ace I wanted.


So to summarize from my point of view I traded Freeman, Martinez, Devers, and Davis for Carrasco, Votto, and Moncada. So I’m ok with that.


Well hey – Glasnow is on the move again.

Cubby trades Tyler Glasnow (PIT, SP) to Got the 2020 Vision for Jerad Eickhoff (PHI, SP).

So I would rather have Glasnow, but two upside young SPs seems like a flip based on preference to me. Not much more to say on that one.


JmoneySmooth sends Ryon Healy (OAK, 1B, 3B) for Brad Branch (BAL, RP) from Andrew.

This was right before Britton went on the DL (the first time) so Jmoney gets more saves and also gets one of the top non saves relievers if/when Britton comes back healthy. Healy’s had a pretty good year so it seems to make sense on both sides. Andrew noted that he thought Healy was underperforming and Branch was still just a set-up guy at the time of the trade and there  are always holds on the waiver wire so it made sense for him.
Hi. More Andrew and more me.

Nathan trades Ian Happ (CHC, 2B, NA) to Andrew for Matt Kemp (ATL, LF, RF).

Ouch. I really really like Happ as both a Cub and as a player. His hit tool is great and I think he will be an amazing player long term. But again I’m contending in LOE so Happ was expendable for a Matt Kemp who has seemed to regain some of his past value.


Now for Hall of Fame.




Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB
1   The Commish 43-17-0 0.717
2   Trenton Crooks 34-23-3 0.592 7.5
3   Team America 32-21-7 0.592 7.5
4   The Dors 35-24-1 0.592 7.5
5   WOOT The Wayward Goth 30-27-3 0.525 11.5
6   Ahead of the Curve 28-29-3 0.492 13.5
7   Schoop Shot 24-28-8 0.467 15
8   Kirklands Finest 24-32-4 0.433 17
9   Got The 2020 Vision 23-32-5 0.425 17.5
10   Yard Goats 23-33-4 0.417 18
11   Flash 23-35-2 0.4 19
12   Disabled List 19-37-4 0.35 22


So that guy in 12th, ya that’s me. I’ve had a ton of injury problems. So two years off a championship with a team that should be contending and there I am 22 games out early. Had a good game last week so looking for a turn around.

But you’re hear for trade talk not to hear me bemoan my DL size.


Nathan (DL) acquires Carlos Carrasco (CLE, SP) for Zach Britton (BAL, CL, DL) from Team America (Jmoney)

So this was on April 8th and before Britton went on the DL. Jmoney needed a closer and I wanted another top starter so I got Carrasco again. I’d rather have the starter than a closer and Jmoney wanted another closer. Overall a pretty even elite closer for top starter trade.


Jmoney gets Matt Bush (TEX, RP) from Andrew (Schoop Shot ) for Robert Gsellman (NYM, SP)

Jmoney wanted another closer and was gambling that Bush would get that job. He still hasn’t with only 1 save on the young season, but still providing good stats out of the pen. Gsellman is a nice gamble for Andrew. Amazingly he’s healthy right now despite wearing a Mets uniform. He’s been up and down in starts but still has some upside. Deal made sense for both. Jmoney values relievers a little more then I do so I prefer Andrew’s side probably, but not by a ton.


Andrew trades Tyler Glasnow (PIT, SP) to Bronson (Got that 2020 Vision) for A.J. Reed (HOU, 1B, NA) and Jerad Eickhoff (SP, PHI)

Well this seems familiar. Glasnow for Eickhoff but now add in Reed. With Reed in there I’ll take Andrew’s side of the deal. I think it’s a solid deal for both though, again two upside option starters, though I’d take Glasnow over Eickhoff, and I haven’t given up on Reed and if he clicks Andrew gets a good 1B in a thin 1B time.


Jmoney gets Eric Thames(MIL, 1B, LF, RF), or as he’s known in Korea “god,” for Clint Frazier (NYY, CF, NA) and Carlos Beltran (HOU, LF, RF) from Bronson, Got that 2020 vision

So Jmoney clearly believes enough in Thames to give up a top prospect and a solid if unspectacular old dude. This deal makes a lot of sense for Bronson, cashing in Thames hot start to geta top prospect for his 2020 All-Star team and a decent piece in a 40 year old Beltran. Jmoney gets a 1B who has continued to return value as he contends now so good trade all around.


Andrew acquires Giancarlo Stanton (MIA, RF), Jharel Cotton (OAK, SP), and Mark Reynolds (COL, 1B) from Jmoney Julio Teheran (ATL, SP), Rafael Devers (BOS, 3B, NA), and Jerad Eickhoff (PHI, SP)

Another big deal here. I think I prefer Andrew’s side of this deal. Teheran is a solid SP and we’ve been over Eickhoff enough. We’ve also covered Devers so I’m guessing Jmoney is banking on Devers or he’s low on Stanton. Cotton and Reynolds are not nearly as valuable as Devers and Eickhoff so it does seem to cover some of the gap of Teheran to Stanton. For some context, pre-season the Dynasty Guru only ranked Stanton on the top 500 of the three Andrew got, but Cotton’s been solid and Reynolds has had a hot start. So, while I get this deal from Jmoney’s point of view, both boosting his rotation and planning for the future with Devers, Stanton seems a step price to me.


Nathan traded Carlos Rodon (CWS, SP, DL) to Woot (the wayward Goth) for Ian Desmond (COL, LF, RF)

So as noted in the intro and my team name, it’s a mess. Even since this trade was done, as of writing this piece I still have JD Martinez, Troy Tulowitzki,  Rich Hill, Thor, Mark Melancon, and Madbum on my DL, not to mention a suspended Marte and Joe Ross as an extra NA player because Joe Ross is apparently no long a big league starter. So, suffice it to say I needed to move some DL guys for active players, even if at a small discount (if you’re reading this and in my league I’m still open to more deals). So anyways, Woot was willing to acquire a DL guy. I like Rodon and hope he comes back healthy. Desmond’s bad second half is disconcerting, but Coors covers a multitude of flaws and I was happy to get a good hitter who should regain his 1B eligibility soon which will help my roster.


And on to the FSAA league


Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB
1 Ahead of the Curve 40-15-5 0.708
2 Machado Nation 36-20-4 0.633 4.5
3 Trevorending Story 32-21-7 0.592 7
4 Ham Dinner 31-26-3 0.542 10
5 Soler Power 31-27-2 0.533 10.5
6 FantasyAid 30-27-3 0.525 11
7 FSAA Tom 29-28-3 0.508 12
8 Guan Yu 28-28-4 0.5 12.5
9 DyNasty King 24-33-3 0.425 17
10 RUMBLE PONIES 20-37-3 0.358 21
11 Kool Papa Bells 20-39-1 0.342 22
12 bronson’s Team 18-38-4 0.333 22.5



(Ham Dinner) Jmoney acquires Danny Duffy (KC, SP) for Vince Velasquez (PHI, SP) and Hunter Renfroe (SD, RF) from JD (Ahead of the Curve)

Seems like starters in Velasquez’s tier are moving a lot in these leagues. There isn’t a huge gap between a starter like Velasquez and Duffy, but Jmoney likes Duffy a lot (as do I) and so Renfroe covers that gap. Both are contenders so seemingly a matter of preference and I’m guessing JD was trying to create some roster flexibility.


Tom and Ryan make a deal.

Tom (FSAA Tom) trades Jake Lamb (ARI, 3B) for Julio Teheran (ATL, SP) with Ryan (Dynasty King)

So SP for 3B swap. Lamb has had an arguably better season, but I would take Tom’s side on this deal. I’m a Teheran fan and I’d rather have him. That said, the deal makes sense both managers and these aren’t managers whose deals you question to much.


Jmoney acquires DJ LeMaheiu (2B, COL) from Andrew (Fantasy Aid) for Odubel Herrera (PHI, CF) and Danny Salazar (CLE, SP)

I will take Andrew’s side of this deal any day of the week. I’m a big fan of Herrera and would see a 1-1 of Herrera and LeMaheiu being fair, but bringing back Salazar in this deal is a great return for Andrew. Now both Jmoney and Andrew are stellar managers so I’m not about to question either of their rationales, but I’m a also like Salazar. Herrera is a 25 year old solid player with a high upside and Salazar is just 27 and is continuing to develop into a top pitcher. D.J. LeMaheiu, the stud of the great Tyler Colvin and LeMaheiu for Ian Stewart and Casey Weathers trade has been really good too. Weathers is in AA for the Indians at 32, Colvin and Stewart have both not played a big league game since 2014, and LeMaheiu won a Gold-Glove in 2014, was an All-Star in 2015, and placed 15th in an MVP vote in 2016. So I guess even if Andrew did lose this deal it was better than how badly Theo lost it.


Tom trades Cody Bellinger (LAD, 1B, LF) to Cubby (TrevorEnding Story) for James Paxton (SEA,SP)

So this occured right before A-Gon went down ensure Bellinger stay up for longer and right before Paxton went on the DL. Originally I preferred Tom’s side of this deal getting Big Maple, though even then it was close. Obviously with Paxton going down (though seemingly not seriously) and Bellinger going to be staying up even longer, and possibly indefinitely, this is a for sure a short-term win for Cubby and could become a long term one. Bellinger fills a 1B long term need for Cubby and is a clear upgrade from Hosmer, and Tom has Freeman so he could give up Bellinger. Only time will tell if there is a winner of this trade.

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