Want To Write For Our Website?

Do you want to try writing fantasy sports articles?  We are looking for fellow fantasy sports addicts to help us write.  We have recently upgraded our website and are bringing back articles.  So if you have any interest in writing, let us know.  You can leave a comment on here or email us at  We are not strict about the content, just do what you do, and write about whatever the fuck you feel like.  We are just trying to build up are website and our community.  We feel like if we have more content on our site, this will help us get more traffic.

There are already a few addicts out there interested in writing.  Andrew aka FantasyAid has already contributed.  If you do start writing articles for us we can make you an Author so you can start publishing articles on your own.  Unfortunately we can not afford to pay you anything.  As we don’t make any money doing this, in fact it costs us money to keep everything going, so you would have to do this because you want to, and you feel like you have something to say.  FSAA is a place for your voice to be heard.  You can showcase your writing prowess.

But fuck it, its supposed to be something fun, and something you are passionate about.  So let us know if you are interested and stay tuned for even more articles!